Writhing Trap
Whriting Trap
「うごめく罠」 - Wanted: DEAD OR ALIVE
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Filler
Air date 2003-10-09
Directed by Naomichi Yamato
Screenplay by Script: Tetsuya Endou

Animation Supervisor: Osamu Ookubo

Story board by Tetsuya Endou & Naomichi Yamato

Writhing Trap is the Episode 2 of Saiyuki Reload.


The Sanzo party and Kougaiji's team face off again, but just as they are about to fight they are interrupted and attacked by a group of humans. The humans all seemed to be controlled by somebody and it doesn't take long before Lirin becomes a puppet of this new enemy. In order to rescue his sister, Kougaji and his group team up with the Sanzo party and try find out who the mastermind pulling the strings.


A rain of small insects falls on a peaceful town and crawls inside the people’s ear. Their eyes glow red and markings appeared on their faces; a purple-skinned youkai is over seen who is responsible for the incident. Meanwhile, Lady Gyokumen dispatches Kougaiji after the Sanzo part and the sutra once again; renewing her promise to restore his mother to life.

Under construction


Urasai: On an Afternoon One Day

  • Urasai
    The Sanzo party were playing thumb game or guessing game, winner to be allowed to say anything he wants in this segment: Goku wins, but before he can speak the segment is over.
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