Toughest Enemies Ever
Lethal weapon
「史上最強の敵」 - Lethal Weapon
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Sai R. Vol 01, act. 04-05
Air date 2003-10-16
Directed by Kunitoshi Okajima
Screenplay by Script: Touko Machida

Animation Supervisor: Yoshiteru Tanaka

Story board by Chiaki Kon

"I know it's too late now, but couldn't we have just gotten those guys to go west for us?" -Goku

"I hadn't thought of that." -Sanzo

Toughest Enemies Ever is the Episode 3 of Saiyuki Reload and the Chapter 4-5 of Saiyuki Reload Manga.


Sanzo party encounters there Doppelganger, pretensions to having completely mastered and incorporated the Sanzo party's movements and attack patterns, and although their strength was about equal. The toughest enemies that Sanzo party ever encouter is them?


Under construction


Urasai: Spring Rolls

Urasai springrolls
  • The word "nasty" is apparently use to mean "delicious" by young people these days. Sanzo stated that it's stupid, but when he tried tasting the spring rolls that Goku asked him to, he used the word "nasty" as well.

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