「奪還」 - Sad Memory
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Filler
Air date 2003-11-06
Directed by Chiaki Kon

Animation Supervisor: Takako Oonishi

Screenplay by Miya Asakawa
Story board by Chiaki Ko

Rescue is the Episode 6 of Saiyuki Reload and sequel story of Slumbering Memories.


A pleasant dream? No matter how you explained it, a dream is a dream, in the end. Sanzo's not weak that he'll run away from his painful memories. Kougaiji's team helped Goku to rescue the rest of the Sanzo party to Suika, a demon who can extract painful memories from people.


Kougaiji's team helped Goku to rescue Sanzo and the others. And they discovered that they were encountering the villagers who died long time ago. Goku went to look for Sanzo and the others when he met Hakuryuu. Hakuryuu brought Goku in a room where the memories of Sanzo and the others were extracted. Then he helped Goku to unwrap and released the extract memories that have finally returned to them. Meanwhile, Kougaiji tells another story of Suika.

Later on, Goku encounters Suika and brought him to sleep. He dreams of painful memories back when he was imprisoned in the rock prison. The rest of the Sanzo party came and end up killing Suika. While Goku was dreaming that he was in the prison, there someone came to rescue him and it was Sanzo, telling Goku that he came for him. Then Goku woke up in front of his team, telling him that they took care of the enemy while he was sleeping. The rest of them teases Goku that everything happened to him earlier were just a dream. But then, it doesn't matter at all for Goku anymore since they are all back to normal.

In the end, they still stay their usual selves, and then Kougaiji smiled and remarks to them "There wouldn't be any challenge if they weren't." Then Lirin waves goodbye to them.

"They say the detours are trip's real delights." -Kanzeon Bosatsu referring to Sanzo party


Urasai: Paper Sumo III

  • Hakkai and Goku were playing paper sumo again, the paper Gojyo is for Hakkai and paper Sanzo is for Goku. When the paper Sanzo was about to lose, Sanzo put a paper lady which make the paper Gojyo lose again, remarking that the paper Gojyo has the same weakness like Gojyo. Gojyo who is mad and tied up followed Sanzo.

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