Tasty Cooking
「美味しい料理」 - Poison
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Filler
Air date 2003-11-20
Directed by Naomichi Yamato

Animation Supervisor: Satoru Inoue

Screenplay by Miya Asakawa
Story board by Tetsuya Endou & Naomichi Yamato

Tasty Cooking is the Episode 8 for Saiyuki Reload.


Wanting to cook something delicious for the one you love. We can all understand that, right? Talent for cooking? That has nothing to do with it. It's because you want to see that person smile. Even if you are a poor cook, if you do your best and put your heart into it. Cooking is about love.


The Sanzo party encountered another random pack of youkai when a young couple, armed with a slingshot and a basket of buns appeared behind them and attacked the enemies with buns. Some youkais were attacked on the mouth and was completely poisoned by the bun. After the Sanzo party was saved, Goku picked a bun and ate it, but too late, Goku turned purple, chocked and passed out.

The woman who helped save them, Kourei, had created the buns and they were bad enough to bring people to their knees. Back at the village, Kourei told them that her parents had been killed by youkai and every dish she tried to made ended up being horribly bad. The village ended up using her badly made manjuus to fight against youkai.

Kourei was under pressure that if she married Meichin, the owner of an eatery who made good food, she would end up closing his restaurant. Hakkai sees her sadness at making bad food and offers to teach her to cook. After eaching her, Hakkai tastes it and collapses; after a second attempt Gojyo and Hakkai taste it again and it repeats. 

Gojyo tells Meichin that she doesn't like making bad food and he should taste her cooking if he loves her, Meichin accepts. Before Meichin could taste the food, they are attacked by youkai and Kourei is taken hostage. Sanzo tells Kourei to throw the soup at the youkai which she does resulting in the youkai to shine and melt. Kourei cries at the results but Meichin decides to taste the food anyway and eats from the plate he was holding. To everyone's suprise it tastes good. Sanzo explains that Hakkai did teach her how to cook properly and that every few hundred years someone is born with powers like hers, where her cooking exteminates youkai.

Other characters


Urasai: The Twitching Antennae

  • Gojyo was choosing ladies on the screen.

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