Invincible Castle
「落ちない城」- Self Defense
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Filler
Air date 2003-11-27
Directed by Kunitoshi Okajima

Animation Supervisors: Kensuke Aiba & Sin Jae-Ik

Screenplay by Touko Machida
Story board by Kunitoshi Okajima

Invisible Castle is the Episode 9 of Saiyuki Reload.


The group travels on across a sweltering desert. Suddenly, something appears before them... is it a mirage? No, it is a steel fortress that has endured repeated youkai attacks. The light of the glaring sun makes the impregnable castle gleam dully.


After Hakuryuu stops due to the heat, the Sanzou-ikkou come to see a fortress in the distance and arrive at it. After calling out to the fortress, the ground seems to fall under Goku where he backs up and arrows seem to leave the fortress aimed at them. Hakkai blocks the arrows for the four of them and the door opens and a bridge appears over the pitfall that Goku nearly fell into. Eventually soldiers march out and Souryu, their leader, apologises and explain that it is an impenetrable fortress under the rule of 'perfect' laws. 

Souryu lets them rest within the fortress and the four observe the laws, their lifestyle, and Souryu's immense trust in the laws. Eventually it shows Souyu's son play his instrument and get reprimanded by his father. He later hears of a bazar in the city over but it is too late to get permission to leave the fortress. 

The next day the four prepare to immediately leave but the alarm is alerted when a group of youkai approach the fortress. Souryu explains that they won't get in but is alarmed to hear that his son had snuck out of the fortress and was running back with the youkai behind him. Souryu struggles before telling the guards to protect the fortress and not let his emotions interfere. Goku opens the fortress and bridge, letting Souryu's son into the fortress with the youkai behind him. The guards shoot arrows at the youkai but the youkai manage to enter the city. Goku joins the fight against the youkai while Souryu searches through the code book for an answer when the city is assualted, Sanzo shoots the book and tells Souryu to act for himself. After the battle, Souryu acts as if he was going to punish his son for leaving without permission but tells everyone that he is a bad leader is in no position to punish anyone and rips up the lawbook. Everyone accepts him as their leader because he was just trying to protect the city.

Later the four are invited to celebrate and Souryu is shown bringing up useless facts from a book rather than laws from the code book.

Other characters


Urasai: Spring Rolls - Continuation

  • SpringRolls
    The word "bad" is apparently use to mean "good" by young people these days. Sanzo stated that it's stupid, but when he tried tasting the spring rolls that Goku asked him to, he used the word "bad" as well.

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