A Teeny Tiny Story
「ほんの小さなちいさなお話」 - Lovely Baby
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Saiyuki Reload Vol. 2, Act 5.5 "Lovely Baby"
Air date 2003-12-25
Directed by Akira Iwanaga

Animation Supervisor: Nahomi Miyata

Screenplay by Nobuaki Yamaguchi
Story board by Akira Iwanaga

A Teeny Tiny Story is the Episode 13 in Saiyuki Reload and Chapter 5.5 of Saiyuki Reload.


Hakuryuu has gone missing and was found by three little children. The Sanzo party began to blame each other how they treat Hakuryuu like because someone just keeps firing way with banishing gun, burning him wit cigarette ash and making him do unreasonable things. Could he have run away?


Hakuryuu was left outside the inn since there's a policy "NO PETS ALLOWED". Hakuryuu as a jeep stayed outside the inn, when suddenly two thieves tried to steal him. The thieves, doesn't have any idea why the jeep isn't working. When the other thief punched the jeep causing Hakuryuu to panic and drove by itself. Later they fell on the river and they found out that it was a dragon which can turn into a jeep as they reported it to their boss. Hakkai went outside to bring Hakuryuu a food, but he was not outside.

Meanwhile, three little children found Hakuryuu and decided to bring it home, but they later released Hakuryuu for someone might looking for him. Hakuryuu felt sad and can’t just abandon them. So Hakuryuu turned into jeep and tried to tell the children to ride on him. Back to the Sanzo party, they tried to find Hakuryuu, but they seen nothing. Then Sanzo states that someone might have stole him and cannot escape while Goku said that Hakuryuu could might run away because Gojyo smokes too much while Sanzo always fires his gun. Then Hakkai felt guilty as well, Goku and Gojyo muttered that Hakkai is the heavy driver. Back to the 3 children, they were having fun with Hakuryuu when the thieves along with their boss found them.

In the end, they got away from the thieves as Hakuryuu spend the night with the 3 little children under of the falling snow. Next morning, after their wonderful adventures last night, the parents of the 3 little children found them smiling while sleeping. Meanwhile, Hakuryuu went back to the inn and thought once again that the Sanzo party is the one he really couldn't abandon.



Urasai: Spring Roll In Christmas

  • Hakkai remembers that it's Christmas and Goku remembers that he forgot to buy a gift. Gojyo asked for whom, Goku answers "Me".
  • Sanzo found Goku decorating the Christmas tree while Gojyo and Hakkai prepares the gifts for the Christmas party. Sanzo asked why he's the only one wearing a reindeer costume.

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