Whisper of Darkness
「暗闇のささやき」 - Black Crow
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Filler
Air date 2004-01-08
Directed by Shigeki Hatakeyama

Animation Supervisor: Masumi Hattori

Screenplay by Hideko Ikeda
Story board by Shigeki Hatakeyama

Whisper of Darkness is the Episode 14 of Saiyuki Reload.


Sanzo let his guard down for a second and got poisoned. Sanzo party don't have the moment to lose, when Kougaiji appeares before them. Kougaiji attacked, but he was not in his usual self. The Sanzo party doesn't have anytime to fight with him since Sanzo got poisoned. The Sanzo party doesn't have any choice to fight since Kougaiji insist.


under construction


Urasai: Divining your Previous Life

  • Goku was reading a book called Divining your Previous Life. Goku was a dolphin, Gojyo was a grasshopper (a bug, which makes sense because of his anthenna on his hair.), Sanzo was a goldfish (That's stupid.) while Hakkai was a back-scratching tool, then suddenly Hakkai became more interested in the weather.

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