「あしあと」 - Opposite
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Saiyuki Reload Act. 3.5
Air date 2004-01-22
Directed by Kunitoshi Okajima

Animation Supervisor: Masateru Tanaka

Screenplay by Hideko Ikeda
Story board by Hiroyuki Shimazu

Footsteps is the Episode 15 of Saiyuki Reload.


Goku won't come out? Oh yeah, he was apparently afraid of snow. He was locked away alone in the mountains for 500 years. And on the days that it snowed, there was only the absolute silence. And his completely soltitude. Footprints were left in the pure white snow.


Set during the period between Gonou/Hakkai’s rebirth and the Journey to the West, we see Sanzo and young Goku in Gojyo’s house. Hakkai was asking them if they can stay over dinner and have a sukiyaki ---A Japanese dish, of the soup or stew type, prepared and served in a Japanese Hot Pot--- which is perfect to eat in winter. Goku never heard of sukiyaki as was drooling after while hearing the ingredients. He’s asking Sanzo if they could eat with them but Sanzo refused since they need to go. In the outside of the window, it began to snow.

work in progress


Urasai: Knitting

  • Hakkai was knitting scarf for everyone since it's getting cold, then Goku asked "Why it's long?". Because Hakkai thought of it that the four of them could all share one scarf. Gojyo and Sanzo imagined it, Goku agreed with it, but the other two didn't for it's not a good idea.

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