Impossible Wish
Impossible Wish
「叶えられない 願い」 - Wish
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Saiyuki Vol 6, ch 36-37
Air date 2004-01-29
Directed by Takeshi Yamaguchi

Animation Supervisor: Hideaki Matsuoka

Screenplay by Touko Machida
Story board by Yoshihisa Watanabe

Impossible Wish is the Episode 17 of Saiyuki Reload and Chapter 36-37 of Saiyuki Manga.


The boy Gojyo saved when he went to town to shop for supplies. He knows he definitely said something to the boy, but Gojyo thought it was just an innocent brat's joke. He never dreamed it would end up like that. What Gojyo wished for?


Gojyo returns from grocery shopping to a find a shocking scene: Sanzo, Hakkai and Goku all apparently lying dead in their inn. Gojyo cannot believe what he have seen and believed that he was dreaming and behind him a child’s voice giggled and responded “Because it’s what you wished for.”

work in progress

Other Characters



Urasai: Dowsing

  • Gojyo's antennae told him that there's a hot spring under so they decided to dig while Sanzo stayed to relax for he doesn't have time for stupid things. Later on, the water splashed and immediately prepared their selves to take a bath, when Sanzo overran them on the hot spring they dug. 

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