Sorrowful Bond
「哀しい絆」 - Critical Day
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Sai. Vol 7, ch. 38-39
Air date 2004-02-05
Directed by Tetsuya Endou

Animation Supervisor: Sawako Yamamoto

Screenplay by Touko Machida
Story board by Hiroyuki Shimazu

Sorrowful Bond is the Episode 18 of Saiyuki Reload and the Chapter 38-39 of Saiyuki Manga.


After the Sanzo party was attacked by a kid that visited them out of the blue and the fell unconscious. When Hakkai and Goku woke up, they were in an unfamiliar place, but possibly it's hell? If Goku and Hakkai will die and leave him behind, they might regret it even after death.


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Other Characters


Urasai: Test of Courage

  • Goku takes off Hakkai's limiter, while sleeping, to test his courage, when he realized it's really scary he immediately put them back. Then after that, he wanted to take off Hakkai's limiter, when Hakkai told him to stop it.

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