「カミサマ」 - Kami-sama
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Saiyuki Vol. 7 Ch 40-41
Air date 2004-02-12
Directed by Akira Iwanaga

Animation Supervisor: Nahomi Miyata

Screenplay by Touko Machida
Story board by Akira Iwanaga

Farewell is the Episode 19 of Saiyuki Reload and the Chapter 40-41 of Saiyuki Manga.


Gojyo heard from Kinkaku's words that if he defeated a bunch of bad people the god he was talking about will make his brother, Ginkaku, back to normal. What is this Kami-sama is up to? Making a kid do such things like this.


under construction

Other Characters


Urasai: Knitting 2

  • Hakkai was knitting mittens for everyone since it's almost Valentine's Day, then Goku asked "Why it's connected?". Because Hakkai thought of it that he should take this chance to build this solidarity. Gojyo and Sanzo imagined it, Goku agreed with it, but the other two didn't for it's not a good idea as Gojyo threw a pillow on Hakkai.

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