Our Way
「オレ達のやり方」 - Dawn
Series name Saiyuki Reload
Manga equivalent Saiyuki Vol. 9 Ch 50-51
Air date 2004-03-11
Directed by Yoshihisa Watanabe

Animation Supervisor: Masumi Hattori and Sayuri Sugitou

Screenplay by Touko Machida
Story board by Yoshihisa Watanabe and Tetsuya Endou

Our Way is the Episode 23 of Saiyuki Reload and Chapter 50-51 of Saiyuki Manga.


Helpless before Kami-sama, Sanzo party run away. An absolute defeat. An overwhelming difference in strength. As each mulls over this new, bitter taste, what is the unexpected proposition Goku makes? Very well, Goku. They don't know what you're thinking, but the Sanzo party will accept his challenge.


under constructio


Urasai: Changing Clothes

Dress up
  • The Sanzo party was bored, and Goku decided that the four of them will trade costumes. Sanzo tried Gojyo's outfit, Gojyo tried Goku's, and Hakkai tried Sanzo's. Later on, Goku appeared in a bunny girl dress outfit for a little fan service.

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