• Saiyukisama

    In case you are wondering

    September 17, 2013 by Saiyukisama

    In case you/ or anyone is wondering what I am doing right now, I'm changing the current design of the wiki. Bit by bit, Im making the templates transform and I'm gonna change the main page soon (Dont ask how long its gonna take since Im just doing this in my free time).

    And yeah all of you know that I am waiting for the implementation of Project Darwin, new look of wikia is not that bad. I am just making sure if the new look is implemented this wiki dont need to catch up, coz I'm trying it already bit by bit.

    Any questions just or suggestions just visit me at my facebook page or message me here or my wall page. All my contact details are there already. Saiyukisama (talk) 17:47, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

    It come to my attention that the color t…

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  • Saiyukisama

    The New look of wikia

    August 30, 2013 by Saiyukisama

    The new look of wikia, they called this Project Darwin. I've been reading the tweaks and some might be future changes. Becoz of this I wont be changing some tweeks here in Saiyuki Wiki for now. I am studying this Test Wiki provided by Wikia

    If you all want to try the new wiki features I suggest you all to need to study as well. Although not officially confirmed this features might be implemented a month from now.

    So If you wanna try as well here is the Test Wiki link:

    Happy Studying everyone.

    Well I'm still here fro minor edits, if there are questions needed to be answered just contact me at my page. Saiyukisama (talk) 05:22, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Nana Aoi666

    Gods Eyes

    May 31, 2013 by Nana Aoi666

    So the other day I watched Koubana no Shou, and I just noticed on that day that all gods have violet/purple eyes. I know it's nothing important but I thought Tenpou's eyes are green like Hakkai. But I guess god's trademark are their eyes (exception to Sanzo).

    • currently rewatching Saiyuki Gaiden*

    It's just the first anime confused me a lot but I guess Gaiden animation already got it right.

    But if you're going to ask me, I refer Gensoumaden than Reload and Gunlock. XD

    Oh, that means Nataku's eyes are originally golden like Goku? I just don't understand why they changed Nataku's hair to blonde and eyes to violet. :U Oh well!

    Oh, Goujun's eyes... uhhhm, is he really a god? He looks so youkai for me. I guess not all gods have purple eyes just most o…

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  • Saiyukisama

    Because we keep on getting legal issues regarding on our image policies, plagiarism and where our articles might came from.  I've always wanted this wiki to be free but we have to abide by wikia community rules and so on.

    Such policies are/will be added to the wiki.

    • Image policy (added)
    • Verifiablity - mostly concerns the references (under construction)
    • Candidates for File/Article deletion (under construction)
    • Naming an article - as part of episodes, as part of chapters, as part of guidebooks etc... (under construction)
    • Content (under construction)

    Comment below (as attendance - assurance that you have read it) , to discuss what steps to be taken in other policy issues.

    Were on strike 2 by the way ^_^

    Strike 1 was 2 years ago,a n issue regarding 3rd pa…

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  • Nana Aoi666

    I haven't read it to be honest. But I guess this is my chance to read it since the manga will be going on hiatus so that Minekura-sensei will have time for Wild Adapter.

    Though is it just me or there is really no announcement for Saiyuki Reload Blast? Is it going to be in hiatus as well? Oh man! It's already there! I am excited to see what will be going on!

    Minekura-sensei is great in timing to continue Wild Adapter, and that means for Saiyuki Reload Blast next chapters will be a BLAST. XD I mean, Nataku is awake already. There is this youkai who was observing the Sanzo Party and there's a child who seems to be who knows Goku.

    Well I hope more chapters sooner after Wild Adapter will be continue on October 2013.

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  • Saiyukisama

    To access the following templates

    Comment below if you find errors...

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  • Saiyukisama

    well i fix the template, change the color(v req),added stage actor data under the v/a (v req). Well the only missing that I forgot is the Occupancy, after that nothing more... Well if I forgot and if you wanted too add more on the infobox pm me.

    update "alias'es" is added to the data range .

    alias under kanji and title if the character has

    occupancy under relatives. I have no choice :p

    Manual Code

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  • Saiyukisama

    Rescanned RAW volumes

    February 17, 2013 by Saiyukisama

    I know I am a bit, tough when it comes to our wikia policy not to share completed chapters in this wiki. But I've seen that most of the pictures that were use are LQ or has watermarks in them. I will be glad to to share you guys my recsanned volumes of Saiyuki (from G-fantasy Enix), Saiyuki Reload and the recent which I buy this year Saiyuki Reload Blast. Should you need them just ask me or pm me. I am almost finish uploading the volumes in file sharing sites. Just dont put them in a gallery. Choose the pics you think that is wise to post in every article. They are are raws. Just like most wiki do it is nice if we use Raw versions of the scenes. Tell me all what you think?


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  • Nana Aoi666

    Photo dump

    February 5, 2013 by Nana Aoi666

    This blog is where I will post every pictures I find it cute.

    Photo of the Night: (February 5, 2012)

    Minekura-sensei's drawing in her blog. I find it cute too. Seeing Konzen, Tenpou, young Goku and Kenren wears their clothing in their present life.

    Let's pray for Minekura's health, until the end I'll support this manga. One of the best! That's the truth!

    Photo of the Night: (February 6, 2012)

    Kougaiji is one of the hottest youkai in the series. Also, his the only guy that I pair to Yaone. ' w')/

    I love him because he's very loyal to his friends and cares a lot to his sister, Lirin. Seriously, there are a lot to learn in Saiyuki. w w

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  • Nana Aoi666

    Getting to know

    February 4, 2013 by Nana Aoi666

    I just noticed that we're always working and working everyday. To be honest, after school when I go home. I immediately go my computer and work/maintain this wikia. It's good for me to be busy and forget things that I angers me. Anyway, since I wanna know you guys. I will introduce myself first.

    Stage name: Nana Aoi/Rain Ocampo

    Nickname: Nana

    Birthday: April 3 (2 more months)

    Age: 17

    Status: In a relationship with Sha Gojyo (In my dreams)

    Occupation: Musician (2011-ongoing), Freelance Photographer (2012- January 2013) 

    Hobby/Interest: Guitar, bass, Computer, Wikia contribution, Anime, Manga, Musics, Cosplay

    Twitter: @Nana_Aoi

    Addiction: As of now, I am addicted in Saiyuki. I was rewatching all my childhood anime when I remember SAIYUKI.

    And tonight, I forgot m…

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  • Nana Aoi666

    I will delete this picture sooner or later. The movie poster is "Journey to the West 2010". To be honest, I am proud of Minekura for doing/illustrating/writing a manga based on this Chinese Novel. To be honest, I don't wanna watch these movies of adaptation of Journey to the West. I didn't know that Gojyo is a pig in the original., but the same they both love woman and s.. XD And Goku is not really a monkey in Saiyuki but Son Wukong is the real monkey king. XD Which reminds me, Son Goku of Saiyuki and Son Goku of Dragon ball have similarities, including their weapon Nyoi-bou. Hakkai is Sha Wujing (I mistakenly thought Sha Wujing was Sha Gojyo) quiet but generally dependable character, who serves as the straight foil to the comic relief of …

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  • Saiyukisama

    Well guys, just a simple poll...

    Which do you like better...


    or this >

    I transfromed the page using the old infobox temp and the simple tabber code.

    Would you like all the song pages transfromed or not???

    So, in less than 5 hours I got a reply.... and the first one was chossen... So here are the simple steps how to attain the said page:

    (I apologize for my limited English, i hope its understandable ^_^ so I'm using some pics... hope this helps) We start from the infobox and how to use it for other things....

    1. we start by clicking the edit source code. then type at the very top of the source this

    and so on with kanji and Romaji ^_^....

    See its very…

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  • Nana Aoi666

    Saiyuki Offroad

    January 28, 2013 by Nana Aoi666

    Since from the start, I already know that Goku has more bigger part of the story. I am actually having a hard times finding Saiyuki Offroad manga. XD Anyone knows where I can read it? O.o

    This might be an interesting one... or is it not yet release? ' 3'

    Or.... did I just missesd something? I haven't finish reading the manga yet :)))

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  • Nana Aoi666

    This is my first blog review for Saiyuki Gaiden OVA. One of the greatest OVA that I have watch along with Kakashi's Gaiden (Naruto). I do love Saiyuki and it's been years and years that I haven't watch it. I first saw it when our country (Philippines) put this one of our TV Show.

    Anyway, so there is this certain group that I was invited called "Saiyuki Project Cosplay Group". So I joined and I chose Lirin to be my first Saiyuki cosplay character. Since I can't remember much about Saiyuki. I visited this site and found the Gaiden characters. And there, I knew  that there was "Saiyuki Gaiden".

    At first, I don't understand the start because it was all flashback. But I realize that it was shown in Gensoumaden.

    I didn't realize actually that Goku …

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  • Nana Aoi666

    My apologies

    January 25, 2013 by Nana Aoi666

    My apologies but I did something wrong. I was making articles and gallery spoiler when a maintenance happened. I think it's all my fault for uploading too much photos. But all I did is to do the gallery spoiler. I am very sorry if I cause trouble. It never happened to me before. I am terribly sorry. It might affect yours when you edit too. I am very sorry.

    m ( _ _ ) m

    I'm doing my best but this maintenance put me down. I'm kinda down.

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  • Ink Dragon Rosette


    January 24, 2013 by Ink Dragon Rosette

    Alright, so on this wiki, there's a page for the Saiyuki Musicals, Dead or Alive, and Go West. I've seen only a brief snip-it of the beginning (and greatly amused that the Merciful Goddess was played by a man). But it was in Japanese.

    Now, here's my question. Does anyone know where it'd be possible to watch the musicals? Online, I mean, as real life isn't much of an option. Also, does said source for the musicals come with subtitles? I'd really like to know what's going on. The part I've seen, Goku just starts freaking out, and it's hilarious, but I wish I knew what was going on.

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  • Nana Aoi666

    To be honest, I don't want Saiyuki to end fast but I would love to see the ending. I actually want another anime of Saiyuki which is the same in the manga. Just like fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood. I don't like anime fillers to be honest but since I love the characters who are playing there, I love it. :))

    Anyway, what do you think will be the ending of Saiyuki? Does the Sanzo party will remember their past lives and realize that they are fate to be with? Or I was thinking that they will end up in the cherry blossoms just like what konzen said before. I was imagining things about the Sanzo party below the Cherry Blossoms.

    And probably, Goku's age is about 500+ but since he was sealed (will pause his hunger, age, growth)... his age must be …

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  • Nana Aoi666

    I wanna make an article all about the episodes and the summary. I was thinking to do some in Gensoumaden Saiyuki. However, it seems I don't feel writing articles about episodes in Saiyuki Reload. I love Saiyuki Reload however it seems like I'm too lazy because I feel like some of them are just fillers (if I do not mistake). I actually don't like fillers though I started an article Meimei because I'm a cat lover. XDD And I am still going to recall/watch Saiyuki Reload Gunlock after finishing S.Reload.

    And also, I haven't read the full manga. So if some of you have time. Make summaries about manga chapters too. It might help the readers if they want any spoiler. :)))) I just skimmed in the chapter 1 since it's almost the same as Episode 1.


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  • Astral writer

    Okay, so this is more of a bashing, but if you are a true Saiyuki fan you understand why. Kibou no Zaika is an interactive movie/game that was meant to go along side the anime. But it fails...

    It does, it does, it does! At first I thought It would get better. Bad things tend to get better right? Right? But by the end of it, I was wished I'd never heard of it. No, rather I wished it was never written. The movie is like bad fanfiction at its worse!

    The plot, over all, really is a distraction. The Sanzo party don't need one of those. They've been on this trip going three years now. Something is definitely wrong with Hakkai's maps. But also, it follows a lot of simple anime movie plots. Here arrives a temporary thing that can fix everyone's prob…

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  • Astral writer

    Wikia @ Work

    January 18, 2013 by Astral writer

    Hey, I've been making a list of things I want to do here on Saiyuki Wiki. There are a few pages that need to be heavily edited and so on. There are also so pages that need to be added. The things I'm listing here are kind of like my personal projects; some of them are free to be edited, but the list of new pages is strictly for my personal goal to make and design myself. Both are growling lists, so if anyone has anything they want to add to it? If the page is not listed, it either means... Well it means one or two of three things. One, I thinks it's done or as done they're going to get for the time being (which isn't saying much). Two, Sana (Ink Dragon Rosette) has them on her list to edit and I'm not going to think back on them until late…

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  • Ink Dragon Rosette

    Does anyone know what's out there for Saiyuki memorabilia? Merchandise, fan-stuff, that type of things. I've looked at the Merchandise page, and all I see is art books. Fine and dandy, but is there anything like wall hangings or plushies.

    Admit it, Sanzo party plushies would be adorable.

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  • Nana Aoi666


    January 17, 2013 by Nana Aoi666

    I've watched Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload and Gunlock long time and I'm just watching it again to recall. I haven't read the manga since I have no time.

    Does Sanzo realize why he's being called as Konzen? He doesn't have any idea right that he was Konzen but why he is not wondering that gods are calling him Konzen? But I know he had a dream about being Konzen while talking to Bosatsu. If he can continue to be the sun of Goku. Something like that. D: Kinda sweet!

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  • Erokappa

    Instrumental Musicians?

    February 20, 2012 by Erokappa

    If anyone knows the composers, musicians, or performers for any Saiyuki Image Album instrumental pieces, please add them!

    They are usually listed in the back of the CD pamphlet with the credits, under their respective songs.

    We want to know who's responsible for the beautiful music!

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  • Saiyukisama

    ADMIN recruiting

    January 5, 2012 by Saiyukisama

    Requirements any of the following considerations (at least you pass 3):

    • expert in manga/ anime Saiyuki
    • at least 500+ edits or pages contributed in wiki
    • no vandalism history
    • has wide knowledege in html codes or anything wikia related codes.
    • reccomendation from other wiki's
    • if i personally know you (lets talk)
    • open minded No gender/race/discriminative issues
    • or send me a sample of an article that you yourself has started.

    Comment here if you're qualified.

    Saiyukisama 13:43, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

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