These are the list of Saiyuki Novel:

  • Saiyuki Novel by Minekura Kazuya/Misagi Hijiri - The first official novel of Saiyuki, written by Misagi Hijiri, was published by Enix (Japan) in 1999
Saiyuki vol. 1 (ISBN4-87025-494-8) - Kaen no Zammu
Saiyuki vol. 2 (ISBN4-7575-0224-9) - Kyouka Suigetsu 
Saiyuki vol. 3 (?) - Rasen No Koyomi
  • Saiyuki Korotengi - published April 25, 2011
  • Saiyuki Omnibus -  The book contains five stories, the first being written by Minekura Kazuya herself.
  • Saiyuki Crossroaders - is a novel written by Kazuya Minekura. The novel consist of 39 pages which was published on Zerosum Online Book. 

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