First Game
Saiyuki First Game 01 00
Series name Saiyuki
Episode equivalent Gensoumaden Saiyuki Ep 2
Number of pages 32
Publisher Square-Enix
Magazine G-Fantasy
Author Kazuya Minekura
Prologue - Go to the West
Chapter 02 - Even

First Game is the first chapter of  Saiyuki .[1]



Saiyuki First Game Spider Lady 0

Spider Lady with Houmei as her hostage.

The Sanzo Party runs into a girl named Houmei, who is being bullied by a bunch of thugs.[2] In her gratitude, Houmei brings them to their house/inn where she and her father thank them with their hospitality.Sanzo asks about the youkai situation, and Houmei's father tells him that everything was peaceful until the demons went berserk and started killing humans. Houmei angrily burts out that she hates youkai, and her father later explains to them that a dear friend of hers was killed by them.[3]

Later that night while everyone was sleeping, a man, part of a travelling circus staying at the inn, attempted to kill Sanzo. The priest defended himself with ease and fought back. The man was revealed to be a youkai, and upon begin threatened by Sanzo, pleaded that he was only following Kougaiji 's orders.[4] Suddenly, Sanzo found himself trapped in a web created by the leader of the Dark Spider Clan,  who appeared on the scene with Houmei as a hostage.[5]

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