Infobox - Chapter 2
Series name Saiyuki
Episode equivalent Gensoumaden Saiyuki Ep 2
Number of pages 28 pages
Publisher Sqaure-Enix
Magazine G-Fantasy
Author Kazuya Minekura
Chapter 01 - First Game
Chapter 03 - Get Square

Even is the second chapter of Saiyuki.[1]



Saiyuki Chapter 2 Even 000

Sanzo party VS Black Widow

Sanzo was trapped by the Spider Lady while on the other room, Miss Kitty entered Gojyo’s room and attempted to kill him. Gojyo pinned her down, stole a kiss and punched her[2]. He later went to check on Hakkai who was almost been attack by another enemy. Gojyo’s curiosity asked about who is Kougaiji. In Hakkai’s memories, Kougaiji is the son of Gyumaoh and Ratsetsunyo 500 years ago who was been sealed around the western region[3]. After a chit-chat, they checked on Goku who was just sleeping and fought back an enemy without realizing it was morning already[4]. Later on, they rescued Sanzo and Houmei from the Spider Lady and thought she loses. However, the Spider Lady changed her form into a huge spider and captured the Sanzo party. This made Houmei wake up and was surprised she's on Hakkai’s arms.[5]
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