His God is the fourth chapter of Saiyuki.[1]

His God
Infobox - Chapter 4 His God
Series name Saiyuki
Episode equivalent Gensoumaden Saiyuki Ep. 3
Number of pages 28 pages
Publisher Sqaure-Enix
Magazine G-Fantasy
Author Kazuya Minekura
Chapter 03 - Get Square
Chapter 05 - My God



The Sanzo ikkou arrived at a grand temple along the canyons. The monks quickly identified Genjo Sanzo as a Sanzo-hoshi because of his robes. They were welcome by the abbot, also telling them 10 years or so Koumyou Sanzo has visited their temple. At first the monks were reluctant not entertaining the rest of the group (Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai) but Sanzo merely explained they were his servants. Yo an apprentice monk was task to attend to their needs.

Work in progress...

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