Cleaning Beauty
Infobox - Chapter 6 Cleaning Beauty
クリ-ニング ビュ-テイ-
Series name Saiyuki
Episode equivalent Gensoumaden Saiyuki Ep. 4
Number of pages 29 pages
Publisher Square-Enix
Magazine G-Fantasy
Author Kazuya Minekura
Chapter 05 - My God
Chapter 07 - Crimson
Cleansing Beauty is the sixth chapter of Saiyuki[1]


  1. Son Goku
  2. Sha Gojyo
  3. Shunrei
  4. Genjo Sanzo
  5. Cho Hakkai
  6. Hakuryuu
  7. Obasan - lady next door
  8. Jien - Shunrei's boyfriend
  9. Gojyo's Deceased Step-mother


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