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This article lists the main protagonists from the manga and anime series Saiyuki as well as other Characters. Most of them were originally created by mangaka Kazuya Minekura.

Concept and Creation

Minekura's Sanzo-Ikkō, or Sanzo Party, bears only a superficial similarity to the original four in the Monkey King. While their general physical design is similar to those from the novel, their personalities are the complete polar opposites. Their names are the same as the names of the characters in the Chinese novel, but given Japanese pronunciations:

Main Characters

Sanzo Ikkou
Sha Gojyo infobox image present Son Goku infobox image present Genjo Sanzo infobox present Jeep 107 Jeep 112
Sha Gojyo Son Goku Genjo Sanzo Cho Hakkai Hakuryuu

Saiyuki Gaiden
Konzen 004 Konzen 002 Konzen 001 Konzen 003
Kenren Taishou Son Goku Konzen Douji Tenpou Gensui


Residents of Hotou Castle
Jeep 114 Lirin Infobox 001 Jeep 005 Yaone Saiyuki Past Info Box
Kougaiji Lirin Dokugakuji Yaone
Gyokumen Koushu 001 Jeep 031 Jeep 032 Jeep 033
Gyokumen Koushu Dr. Ni Professor Hwang Instructor Wang
Jeep 034 Jeep 035
Gyumaoh Rasetsunyo


Jeep 044
Jade Emperor
Konzen 283 Konzen 153 Konzen 284
Kanzeon Bosatsu Jiroushin Konzen Douji
Konzen 152 Konzen 152.2 Konzen 152.3
Li Touten Gamon Sho'u

Heaven's Army

War Gods
Konzen 153.3 Nataku025 Jeep 039
Goujun Nataku Taishi Homura Taishi

Higher Rank
Jeep 040 Jeep 041 Konzen 154.5
Shien Xenon Enrai
Konzen 285 Konzen 286
Tenpou Gensui Kenren Taishou

Heaven's Western Army First Unit Soldiers
Mahjong 050 Konzen 269 Mahjong 051
Rikuou Jyouei Rishou
Mahjong 052 Mahjong 053 Mahjong 054
Yuutetsu Kouken Rihaku
Konzen 275 Konzen 276 Konzen 277
Youjun Kakuryou Souko
Konzen 278 Konzen 279 Konzen 280
Yuuan Ensei Eizen
Konzen 281 Konzen 282
Goyou Jyochou

Other Gods
Egan Character007 Li Touten's Wife Gaiden 003
Egan Rinrei Li Touten's Wife

Sanzo Priests

. . .
Jeep 045 Jeep 046 Jeep 047
Genjo Sanzo Koumyou Sanzo Ukoku Sanzo
Goudai Sanzo Ibun 001 Jeep 049 Jeep 050
Goudai Sanzo Tenkai Sanzo Sharak Sanzo


. . .
Dark Spider Clan Saiyuki 002 Jeep 052 Jeep 053
Black Spider Clan Rikudou Chin Yisou
Jeep 054 Jeep 056 Jeep 055
Ren Ri Ensui Kami sama
Jeep 057 Suika Reload Anime 01 Vuraharu Hazel Reload Manga 03
Go Dougan Suika Varaharu

Other Youkai

. . .
Jeep 140 Jeep 058 Jeep 059 Jeep 068
Mother Kinkaku Ginkaku Houran
Jeep 066 Jeep 060 Jeep 061 Jeep 064
Mysterious Youkai Yakumo Zakuro Banri
Jeep 062 Jeep 063 Jeep 067 Jeep 065
Pippi Pippi's Brother Tenjin Taruchie

Other Humans

. . .
Jeep 070 Jeep 071 Jeep 072 Jeep 073
Houmei and her Dad Yo Shunrei Shuuei
Jeep 074 Jeep 075 Jeep 076 Jeep 077
Kanan Kid in the Desert Inn Keeper Seika
Jeep 078 Jeep 079 Jeep 080 Jeep 081
Seira Hazel Gat Bishop Grouse
Jeep 082 Jeep 083 Jeep 084 Jeep 085
Kon Rin Soushin The Imposters
Mifa Premium OVA Character Box MifaObasan 3Kids Tamuro
Mifa Mifa's Aunt Wong, little brother & Yunhua Tamuro
Rei Character006 Leader of the Oasis
Rei Hassan Leader of Oasis

Saiyuki Ibun

Note: These Character all predate the original Saiyuki storyline

. . .
Jeep 072.5 Jeep 086 Jeep 087 Jeep 088
Jikaku Houmei Genkai Toudai
Jeep 089 Nataku015 Nataku016 Nataku018
Jyūan Gichou Ganpuku Toutaku
Nataku019 Jeep 094 Nataku017 Nataku020
Seiran Ryūzen Souzin Shoūn
Nataku022 Nataku021
Zouryou Instructor Monk

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