Five-Pronged Vajra Saiyuki Manga 001

Five-Pronged Vajra 【金剛杵 Kongōsho】 (Sai. Vol 8-9)

Five-Pronged Vajra Saiyuki Manga 002

☆ The vajra is used symbolically to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power. But here in Saiyuki, it is also used as a weapon by Kami-sama to dispatch the Sanzo Party.

☆ He uses it to enhance his power and perform a technique wherein the prayer beads he wears shoot towards his opponents like bullets. He normally fires at the joints, immobilizing his prey. The beads are meant to tear through flesh like bullets, but seem to lack the penetrating power. This does not diminish their effect however. The beads can get caught in the tissue, causing much pain to the victim, as seen in the affect it had on Goku in Ch. 48, Vol 8 of Saiyuki.

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