Fumika is a the woman that Sanzo party met before they arrived on the next village. She appeared in episode fillers, Death Wish and Sympathy.


Death Wish

Wedding Day

Fumika Taizou Gunlock 001
On the day of their wedding, Fumika and Taizou were supposed to enjoy the day, when youkais came to attacked. The two of them were about to escape, when a youkai blocked them and attacked Taizou. Fumika then got the sword and stabbed the youkai. After that, Taizou decided to be left behind and entrusted Fumika to his father. Even though she didn’t want to leave her groom, her father-in-law forced her to leave.

Meeting the Sanzo Ikkou & Hazel

Fumika was on her way home, when he heard Goku said: “We’re demons” while talking to his fellow. She gets her sword and attacked Goku. Goku thought she was a corpse, but after seeing her eyes wasn’t yellow. Fumika was surprised for Goku thought she was a corpse. As a payback of what she did, she took the Sanzo party at home and gave their hospitality. Her father-in-law and she apologized for what she behaved earlier. She asked Sanzo a favor to kill the youkai who killed her groom and they won’t charge there stay in. However, Sanzo refused because they have another goal.

Later on, a band of youkai attacked the village. While Sanzo were fighting with the youkais, Fumika saw the youkai who killed her husband. She later met him and tried to kill him, but she failed for she was scared. The youkai got away, when he saw the Sanzo party. Later then, Fumika met Hazel who can revive humans. Fumika asked Hazel a favor to revive her husband. However, Taizou’s body was burned and buried so Hazel can’t revive a human without the remains.

In the evening, Fumika sneaked in and stole Sanzo’s banishing gun. She runs way to forest and encounters the youkai who killed her husband. The Sanzo party later heard a gunshot coming from the forest.





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