Gamon Gaiden 001
Kanji 【蒲生】
Race God
Gender Male
Hair Greyish-White
Eye Color Purple
Status Deceased

Gamon (蒲生) is a character that features in the Saiyuki Gaiden manga and OVA. He is an ally of Li Touten as well as the keeper of the Natakus.


Cha 12 01

During their escape from Heaven, Tenpou , Kenren , Konzen and Goku emerge from an air vent only to find themselves in a room full of machines and what were later revealed to them as prototype Natakus. Gamon explained to them that those monsters are the same as the Seiten Taisei. In order for the current the War Prince Nataku Taishi to achieve his perfect condition, it took a lot of research and effort. The failed attempts of achieving human form were stashed away in that room.

Gamon Death-

Gamon's Death

Gamon released the Natakus in order to kill the rebels. Kenren decided to stay behind and distract the Natakus in order to buy time for Tenpou, Konzen, and Goku to escape. Tenpou attacks Gamon as they head for the exit. Gamon, in turn, orders one of the Natakus (one that was shot in the eye by Kenren) to attack. Tenpou dodges, and the Nataku ends up killing Gamon instead.

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