Sanzo's Golden Crown 001
Golden Crown 【金冠 Kinkan】 (Sai. Vol 1 - Continuous)

☆ The crown Sanzo Priests wear when in full costume. Truthfully, the crowns differ slightly depending on the Sanzo Priest, and are passed down to the next generation along with the Founding Scripture of Heaven and Earth according to tradition. However, because the Maten Sutra’s golden crown was destroyed during the time of the holder before Koumyou, Priest Tenkai Sanzo, the golden crown that Genjo Sanzo wears is that of the Seiten Sutra’s holder.

☆ Genjo Sanzo’s golden crown is, of course, something passed down to him by Koumyou Sanzo, but it’s sweaty and gets in the way, so usually he doesn't wear it. Does he keep it with the paper fan in his “fourth dimensional sleeve”?

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