Goudai Sanzo
Goudai Sanzo Ibun 001
Kanji 剛内三蔵
Titles Goudai Sanzou Houshi
Alias Toudai
Age 46-47 (at his time of death)
Birthday 1 January
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 2.10 m (6"8)
Weight 121 kg (266 lbs)
Hair Black
Eye Color Grey
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Sai R. Vol 03, act. xx
Burial - Ukoku's chapter
Saiyuki Ibun Ch. 1
Anime Debut Saiyuki Relaod Burial OVA Ep. 1
Seiyuu Taniguchi Takashi (谷口節) in Saiyuki Burial
Hiroki Yasumoto (安元 洋貴) in Saiyuki Ibun Drama CD
Skills Buddhist power expert
Martial artist
Weapons Muten Scripture

Goudai Sanzo (剛内三蔵) was a Sanzo priest who was the former inheritor of the Muten Sutra.[1] He spent his young days as apprentice monk along with Koumyou and Tenkai under the teachings of priest Jikaku.[2]His first appereance was in Saiyuki Reload Burial: Ukoku's chapter. He was killed by Ken'yuu, his own student, when he held an exam to choose his successor as Sanzo priest. In Ibun, Houmei gave him a nickname 'Chichi' or 'Momo-chan'.


Goudai is a serious type, sporting, and can't stand dishonesty. He is a little too strict, especially around his monk students, and has good leadership skills. He's pretty straightforward and gets along with most of his companions in Ibun, especially Genkai and Houmei, whom he has accepted from the beginning despite them being the outsiders of the group. They are extremely close with one another and he is somewhat protective of them (especially Genkai).

In Burial Goudai is shown to be highly receptive, having been able to look through Keny'uu's façade.


Goudai is over two meters tall and has a strong, imposing physique. Back in the day he used to have very long, thick, wavy black hair past his hips, but has experienced hair loss later in life, possibly due to his illness. He has very manly and square features and bushy black eyebrows.


Saiyuki Ibun

In Saiyuki Ibun he goes under the name of Toudai (桃醍 ), and he is 29 years old. He is a member of the first faction of Taisouji, along with Houmei and Genkai, an élite team of trainee monks competing for the Sanzo title. He eventually succeeds and becomes the holder of the Muten Sutra.

Toudai is a very good student and has excellent grades, especially in martial arts, which makes him one of the most promising members from the very beginning.

He doesn't like to talk much about his past, but before taking on his spiritual path he spent a tranquil life working as a mason. He used to have a fiancé whom he was about to get married to, but committed suicide due to a nervous breakdown. This event inspired him to change life and become a monk. The idea of suicide disgusts him, but in the past he had to fight against the urge to commit such act himself.[3]

Saiyuki Burial


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