Hazel's Amulet 【ペンダント Pendanto】 (Sai R. Vol 04-08)

Hazel's Amulet Reload 001
Hazel's Amulet is a tool that he wears around his neck. He uses it as a container for storing souls of deceased youkai that he will later use to revive a human that has died. Hazel does not need the amulet to perform the task of reviving a human using and youkai soul, but the Amulet it useful for when they're aren't any youkai around the take a soul from. The Amulet has the capacity to hold up to 13 souls at a time; on for each open space. The Amulet is eventually destroyed by Gat.

☆ The humans that are brought back to like with this amulet, using Hazel's strange power have yellow eyes. When these humans die there bodies break down, similarly to the way Shikigami's do.


Hazel's Amulet in the Anime

☆ Hazel's Amulet greatly resembles the Star of David, a Jewish symbol, which is strange because Hazel's character is a bishop of some denomination of Catholicism. In the anime, Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, the amulet is given a new appearance, probably so there isn't a mix up with the symbolism.

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