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In the Saiyuki Universe there are two species/races known as Humans and Youkai (demons). After a mysterious force--the Minus Wave--is released as a product of the experiments to revive the great Ox King, Gyumaoh, youkai start to go crazy and attack humans. Humans now hold more fear and prejudice against their demonic brethren than they ever did before.


These are the humans that we meet in the Saiyuki Universe along the Journey of the Sanzo Party to stop this "Minus Wave" and try to bring back peace between the two species/races.

Image Name Role Manga Anime
Jeep 249 Genjo Sanzo
aka: Kouryuu
Main Character of Saiyuki. The Leaders of the Sanzo Party heading West.
Sanzo Priest and owner of the Seiten and Maten Sutra.
Sai. Vol. 1, intro Sai. Ep. 1
Jeep 250 Houmei and her Dad

Houmei is the 1st girl the SI rescue on their journey west. She is the Innkeeper's daughter and one of her childhood friend was killed by a youkai when they went mad. She claims to hate Youkai, but changes her mind after meeting them.
**Cool Fact: Houmei shares the same name with Houmei (Komyou Sanzo).

Sai. Vol. 1, ch> 1-3 Sai. Ep. 2
Jeep 272 Yo Yo is an acolytes that met the SI when they stopped at the secluded and reclusive temple. After meeting them his perspective on the value of life changed. It is also noted that Koumyou Sanzo visited this temple 10 years prior. He requested Genjo Sanzo before he goes to teach him majong when he comes back that way. Sai. Vol. 1, ch. 4-5 Sai. Ep. 3
Konzen 027 Shunrei Shunrei is a young woman that the SI meet on their journey. She is suffering because her lover, a youkai, left before the Minus Wave could take control of him and he could to hurt her. She hasn't seen him since and is waiting for him to return. The Sonzo party, mostly Gojyo, brought back her smile. Sai. Vol. 2, ch. 6-7 Sai. Ep. 4
Konzen 028 Auntie Pan (Han) Auntie Pan is a very lively older woman that lives near Shunrei and has been looking out for her. She's also a very good cook according the Goku. Sai. Vol. 2, ch. 6-7 Sai. Ep. 4
Konzen 038 Mr. Fei-san Mr. Fei-san is a man who frequents the establishment that Yaone works at so she can assassinate the SI. He's a bit frisky and a drunkard. Gojyo throws an ashtray at him and later he tries to start a bar fight over it. In the manga, it ends with a drinking contest. Sai. Vol. 2, ch. 8 Sai. Ep. 5
Konzen 039 Owner Poor guys owns the restaurant that Yaone is working at and probably has to deal with Mr. Fei-san and his scandals often. In the Anime, his establishment is trashed by a bar fight and he can do nothing but sit back and watch. Sai. Vol. 2, ch. 8 Sai. Ep. 5
Konzen 040 Koumyou Sanzo
aka: Houmei
This man raised Sanzo and was his master. He is the Sanzo priest that governed over the Seiten and Maten before he gave them to Sanzo the night he died, saving Sanzo from a demon attack. He's the only person that Sanzo would admit he cared about.
Sai. Vol. 2, ch. 10 Sai. Ep. 6
Konzen 041 Kouryuu Genjo Sanzo before he became a Sanzo and gained his title. He lived at Kinzan Temple with Koumyou Sanzo and was bullied by the other monk. Not that he cared. He was happy during this period of his life... before his master died. Sai. Vol. 2, ch. 10 Sai. Ep. 6
Konzen 042 Shuuei
aka: Rikudo
He was a close friend to Kouryuu and one of the few people that Kouryuu admired. He was a highly praised monk know from his mastery of talismans. He was an "abbot" at Kinzen temple.
Sai. Vol. 2, ch.
Sai. Ep. 6-7
Konzen 043 Rikudo Shuuei ends up using a forbidden talisman, Araya Spell, to save the some other monks. He's cursed and is little more then a possessed corps. He slays demons with out remorse and humans call him Rikudo. He runs into the SI and tries to kill its Youkai members.
Sai. Vol. 2, ch.
Sai. Ep. 6-7
Konzen 044 High Priest The High Priest of Kinzen Temple. He recognized Kouryuu as Genjo Sanzo and led him to the temple armory where he obtained his Banishing Gun.
(most likely) Deceased.
Sai. Vol. 2, ch. 11 Sai. Ep. 6
Konzen 045 Dr. Ni Jianyi
aka: Ken'yuu,
Ukoku Sanzo
A sleazy scientist that is working at Houtou Castle on the Gyumaoh Project. He's creepy and carries a bunny around. He is involved with the Infamous Lady Gyokumen. He also seems to have his own agenda going on. Sai. Vol. 3, ch. 17 Sai. Ep. 8
Konzen 047 Impostor Sanzo One of the Members of the Fake Sanzo Party. He has a low constitution and has a pacifistic nature. His appearance actually made Sanzo Laugh! Their group's first run in with the real SI left him traumatized. N/A Sai. Ep.
Konzen 048 Impostor Goku One of the Members of the Fake Sanzo Party. He's really tall, gangly and unshaven. He obviously shares little resemblance with the real Goku. He's a also something of a perv and a sleazy flirt. N/A Sai. Ep.
Konzen 049 Impostor Gojyo One of the Members of the Fake Sanzo Party. He seems to be the most down to earth member. It appears the he just wants to live the simple life. He gets all excited when he scores a good deal with the grocery. N/A Sai. Ep.
Konzen 050 Impostor Hakkai One of the Members of the Fake Sanzo Party. If you can't tell from image, he's short and FAT. Hakkai makes the great line-- "Look, two Hakkais, but three chins".
This guy is stubborn and really loud. He likes to *snicker* throw his weight around.
N/A Sai. Ep.
Konzen 052 Cho Kanan Kanan is Cho Gonou/Cho Hakkai's twin sister. Separated when little, they met again as adults and started a relationship. She was taken by a demon, Hyakugan Maou, and was raped and impregnated. When Gonou came to save her, she killed herself.
Sai. Vol. 4, ch. 18 Sai. Ep. 11
Konzen 053 Cho Gonou Cho Gonou was raised in a Catholic orphanage. He got a scholarship and attended college at a young age. When he met his sister again they started a relationship. He killed many youkai and humans to save her, but came too late. He was turned into a Youkai for killing a thousand youkai. Sai. Vol. 4, ch. 18 Sai. Ep. 11
Konzen 054 Chinpu
Chinpu and Mingetsu are apprentices a the Gosoukan Temple. Their temple gets a mysterious plant called ninjinka from a man (Dr. Ni). The two eat some of it and the fruit morphs to takes their form. The fakes trick Goku. But the plant is destroyed and the real monks of the temple are saved. N/A Sai. Ep. 13
Konzen 057 Meihou Meihou is a little girl that runs into Gojyo after he wins a random street fight. She "hires him for the night" *snicker* and he and her track down this demon that took her parents. At the end of the episode, he tells her to look him up in a few years when she's older. N/A Sai. Ep. 14
Konzen 058 Tongpu Tongpu was Gojyo and Hakkai's former friend from their old town. He and Gojyo use to play cards together. When the Minus Wave started and the demons went mad, Tongpu join a youkai slay militia. Whether he stayed with the militia after meeting the SI again is unknown. N/A Sai. Ep.
Konzen 063 Wuhan Not recognizable, but this guy was the mummified Monk in demon village of Tofugai. He protected the youkai villagers when the Minus Wave spread. He has the ability to admit a sound that petrifies demons.
N/A Sai. Ep. 17
Konzen 064 Kid in the Desert He guided the SI to his village in the middle of the desert when they were lost. Told them about the Scorpion demon that had eaten a Sanzo priest. And he found and saved them when they were dying in the desert after the confronting said demon and Kougaiji. Sai. Vol. 5, ch.
Sai. Ep. 20
Konzen 077 Houfa Woman from a village in the desert that looks remarkably similar to Hakkai's Kanan. And in coincidentally the same position. She's willing sacrifing herself for her town's safty. Hakkai steps into save her and she provides him with some much appriated closer. N/A Sai. Ep. 23
Konzen 082 Houfa's
He is Houfa's fiance. He doesn't know what to do or how to help his lover. In the end, he doesn't let the SI show him up and be the only heroes of the story. He rials the villagers up and they take back their own town with the SI's help. N/A Sai. Ep. 23
Konzen 089 Yanming She's a human woman was that involved with a youkai and the two of them conceived a child together. When she meets the SI she is being persecuted by her village for the recent disasters it's been facing. When she is possessed by one of Dr. Ni's projects, Gojyo saves her. N/A Sai. Ep. 24


  • SI - Sanzo-ikkou or Sanzo Party
  • PoRY - Pack of Random Youkai