Junhua is a special doll who saved Hakkai, Gojyo and Goku from the evil dolls. She appeared in Two Faces.


She was born in a room and was created to Shudou's likeness with love. Although Shudou's soul is inside her body, their personality is totally opposite. Despite Shudou's anger, Junhua shows sympathy and tried to say that they are only one since his father created her based on his likeness.


Junhua was created based on Shudou’s likeness. Her master created her with love as a payback to his son and a gift as well. However, it was too late, Shudou suicide after the misunderstanding of his father’s intention. Shudou’s angry soul went inside Junhua and killed his own father. From then on, after Shudou claimed the mansion, Junhua became able to speak.  

In the end, Junhua tells Shudou that they are only one. Beneath the stolen faces, was Shudou’s face in Junhua.

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