Kami-sama's Castle 【カミサマの城 (Sai. Vol 8-9)

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Kami-sama Castles manga 01

☆ This is the castle where Kami-sama lived (he referred to it once as his "toy box"). It was given by his master along with everything inside.

☆ The castles is on top of a hill. There is a long staircase leading up the struct, but an illusionary spell has been put on them to trap the person ascending them in a never ending loop. Along the way, there are more illusions that appear, such as people the person who is climbing knows.

☆ One of the toys given to Kami-sama by Ukoku. It’s put up that Ukoku Sanzo made it, but truthfully Ukoku just hugely remodeled a previously existing ruin with an athletic feeling in mind. There are various attractions set up on each floor, and if you don’t pay attention, you’ll die. Those devices are formed from a superb collaboration of science and youkai magic, but unfortunately I was unable to show that within the manga.

☆ ☆ It’s a strange building inside and out, that tosses together Chinese and Western elements, a ninja mansion, and Indian patterns. From the outside, the structure appears to be at least two stories, ascending further into the heaves. In reality the structure has 13 floors and one basement with all sorts of traps and toy.

The Sanzo Ikkou made several remarks to what is one these floor.
  • Goku claims that the trap on the 5th floor seared his cape.
  • Hakkai said the Maze on the 7th floor what is personal favorite.
  • Gojyo simply adds his two cents about the tiger on the 10th floor.

Toy Box 【オモチャ箱 Omocha Bako - The huge room on the first floor of Kami-sama’s castle, carpeted with a mass of toys. Unlike the other attractions in the castle, this room alone is Kami-sama’s personal chamber. One entire wall is made of stained glass with Roman Catholic images. The toys here are all possessed with human and youkai souls; they’re Kami-sama’s playmates, and his toy soldiers.

☆ When Kami-sama is defeated, the castle starts to shake. Kami-sama tells the Sanzo Ikkou that the promise he made with his master that the game last until he loses. At the end, the castle self-destructed. The ending shows the Sanzo Ikkou descending the stair, the a castle in rubble.

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