Original short scene written by Minekura-sensei. A short conversation between Gojyo & Hakkai. Available on Saiyuki Vocal Album. 1. The scene was written in place of Akira Ishida's (Hakkai's Seiyuu) song, because Akira-san does not sing.


Brnbnbnbnnbn - The sound of Jeep’s engine.
Gojyo and Hakkai relax inside Jeep, stopped on the outskirts of town.

[Gojyo]: Hey, what time is it?

[Hakkai]: 1:30. . . . . . . My those two are late.

[Gojyo]: Sheesh. And just who was it who said “We’re leaving at 1 so assemble at the outskirts. If you’re late I’ll kill you.” (<- mimicking Sanzo’s voice)

[Hakkai]: I wonder if something happened.

[Gojyo]: If something happened, those two can take care of themselves.

[Hakkai]: Well, that is true.

Pi-hyorororo. A bird flies by overhead.
Calm atmosphere.

[Gojyo]: (yawns) . . . . . . . . . . . . Maybe they won’t show.

[Hakkai]: If they don’t, I wonder what we should do.

[Gojyo]: If they don’t show? Let’s see. . . . . . Well, there’ll be no reason to keep traveling. Maybe I’ll just settle down around here?

[Hakkai]: You won’t return to the town we were in before?

[Gojyo]: Nah, that’s a pain. I don’t have any attachments there or nothing.

[Hakkai]: There is that.

[Gojyo]: What would you do?

[Hakkai]: Me? Hmm . . . . . .In any case, I’d like to continue on to our destination; I want to taste the feeling of completing this excursion, but. . .

[Gojyo]: But?

[Hakkai]: I suppose that’s impossible as well.

[Gojyo]: How come?

[Hakkai]: If Sanzo doesn’t come back, we won’t have the Gold Card either.

[Gojyo]: Practical, ain’t you.

[Hakkai]: Perhaps I’ll go to Aviva computer school and get my certification. . .

[Gojyo]: . . . . . . Really practical, ain’t you.

As Gojyo plays with his lighter, flicking it on and off.

[Gojyo]: . . . . . . . . . Hey. (lights a cigarette)

[Hakkai]: Yes?

[Gojyo]: (takes a drag, blows it out) . . . Nah, nevermind. It’s nothing.

[Hakkai]: Really.

[Gojyo]: Yeah.

[Hakkai]: Alright, then I won’t ask.

[Gojyo]: Yeah.

[Hakkai]: . . . the reason you’re on a journey like this, things like that.

[Gojyo]: . . . . . . (grinning) Like, now of all times?

[Hakkai]: (smiling) Like, now of all times.

[Gojyo]: No plans, just plain ol’ living ain’t bad either.

[Hakkai]: No, it isn’t.

[Gojyo]: (notices) -----Ah. Speak of the devil. The idiot and the sourpuss combo’re headed this way.

[Hakkai]: Ahahaha, Gojyo, you shouldn’t say such true things.

[Gojyo]: Oh, they’re running!

[Hakkai]: It looks like today will be fun, too.

[Gojyo]: (to the distance) Heey, you’re late! We’re gonna leave you behind!!

The following is spoken as though an adlibbed conversation between the 4, and fades out

[Goku]: (runs up panting) Sorry, sorry!

[Gojyo]: You made a mess of something again, didn’t you stupid monkey.

[Goku]: I didn’t!! There were all sorts of troubles!

[Hakkai]: Ahaha, your clothes are a mess. You must have had a hard time of things.

[Sanzo]: Let’s go. Hakkai, drive.

[Gojyo]: What’s with that attitude? You’re the one who was late!

. . . . . . . . . . . (Fade Out)


  • Originally available on Nitro in Japanese
  • Translations courtesy of KonnyakuHonyaku on their Livejournal page.

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