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Jeep 114
Kanji 【紅孩児】
Age 500+ (Appears 22)
Birthday January 6
Race Youkai
Gender Male
Height 175 cm (5'7")
Weight 65 kg (143.3 lb)
Hair Dark red
Eye Color Violet; Red
Blood Type A
Relatives Gyumaoh - Father
Rasetsunyo - Mother
Gyokumen Koushu - Step-mother
Lirin - half-sister
Status Alive
Manga Debut Sai. Vol 1, ch. 05
Anime Debut Saiyuki Ep. 02
Seiyuu Takeshi Kusao (草尾 毅)
Nezumi (First OVA)
English Vic Mignogna (in Saiyuki)
Terrence Stone (in Sai R. & Sai R Gun.)
Stage Onoda Ryunosuke
Skills fire sorcery
Summoning fiends from another plain

Anime and Manga Difference

Other Appearance

Saiyuki Premium OVA

In Premium OVA, he only had a short role. He was seen standing in front of his mother’s pillar when Yaone came to see him. Kougaiji told her that Ensui eliminated a village making Yaone upset telling him why he let Ensui do that. Kougaiji simply that it’s Lady Gyokumen’s order. This made Yaone didn’t listen anymore to her lord Kougaiji and immediately run to confront Ensui. Later on, Kougaiji along with Dokugakuji and Lirin went to save Yaone from Ensui’s pet monster.

Saiyuki: Requiem - For the One Not Chosen

to be updated

Kibou no Zaika

to be updated



Dokugakuji Kougaiji Yaone Extra Chapter

Dr. Ni's gift

  • Fitting of his appearance and family origins, Kougaiji is based off of Journey to the West's Red Boy.
  • In one of original series by Minekura Kazuya, Bus Gamer, in the Anime, Kougaiji is a playable character in an arcade game. He was seen fighting with Sha Gojyo.
    • When Kougaiji first time to encountered the Sanzo party, Sanzo mentioned before that it's his first time he have felt a will to kill that wasn't evil.
  • The first time Kougaiji encountered Sanzo. He was having a second thought if he is really a monk or not. [1]This is probably because of Sanzo's punk attitude that made Kougaiji confuse.
  • In Saiyuki Reload Volume 1 Chapter 4.1, Dr. Ni gave Kougaiji's team (excluding Lirin) a bunny costume without knowing that they were wearing it. This made Kougaiji feel embarrassed and upset making him walked out.


  1. Saiyuki Chapter 23

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