Mifa's Aunt
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Relatives Mifa - Niece
Status Alive
Anime Debut Saiyuki Premium OVA Ep. 1
Seiyuu Unknonwn

Her real name is unknown but she is Mifa's aunt and both of them work as a waitress in a restaurant where the Sanzo Party stopped for the night.


Her niece and she worked as a waitress in a village where the Sanzo party stopped. At the same night, her niece, Mifa, encountered three youkai in the restaurant. The Sanzo party stopped the three youkai and saved Mifa. After that, everyone celebrated a party in that restaurant. The next day, she was very thankful of the Sanzo party for saving her niece and coming in the village. She even made them a home-packed meal and fireworks (since other villages will also hold a festival) for their journey.

Later on, after few miles away from the village, the Sanzo Party received a message from a mad scientist through radio. The village exploded and after few minutes the Sanzo party went back to the village and found Mifa and her aunt alive who was in the underground storage.

Work in progress...

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