Orange Paper Airplane 【橙色の紙飛行機 Daidai Iro no Kami Hikouki (Sai. Vol 2 & Saiyuki: Requiem)

Kouryuu Paper Airplane Gensoumaden 01

☆ Koumyou Sanzo once said, "It's (folding paper airplanes) about the only skill I have worth passing on to others in my opinion." It was his personal philosophy that all one ever needed to know, they learn by folding paper airplanes, He folded one for Kouryuu and told him to observe it as it flew through the sky.

"The way the orange accents the blue and visa versa. Because these colors are each enhances what is distinctive about the other..."

- Koumyou Sanzo

☆ Though at the time Kouryuu did not understand the meaning embedded in his master's teaching, the orange origami airplanes have since become something significant to Genjo Sanzo.

☆ The actual meaning that Priest Koumyou Sanzo found in the orange paper airplanes was that opposites balance one another and are good for each other, like opposite colors for example. Minekura-sensei has made this a running theme through out the series, one of the most obvious representation being the main character's eyes. Goku's gold eyes play opposite to Sanzo's violet as Gojyo's crimson is opposite to Hakkai's green. The two pair kind of balance each other out.

☆ In the movie Saiyuki: Requiem, Go Dougan--an acolyte working along side Genjo Sanzo prior to the beginning of the journey--became quite obsessed with the priest. He even kept one of Sanzo's discarded airplanes as a keepsake. He used orange paper airplanes as a medium for his Shikigami. Sanzo makes a remark during the film that he never told Dougan what the true meaning of the planes was, not that he was sure of the meaning himself.

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