Go to the West
Saiyuki Chapter 000 01
Series name Saiyuki
Episode equivalent Gensoumaden Saiyuki Ep. 01
Number of pages 33 pages
Publisher Square-Enix
Magazine G-Fantasy
Author Kazuya Minekura
Chapter 01 - First Game
Go to the West is the prologue of the Saiyuki manga.[1]



Genjo Sanzo, an esteemed priest of the highest order of Buddha, found a young boy who has been lock in a cage, a boy who has been calling him. Although the boy didn’t call for anyone, Genjo Sanzo took the boy with him.[2]

“Where the heavens and the earth have brought an era of chaos. There was a world where both humans and demons lived in peace and harmony. That place was the source of all kinds of culture and religion. It was called Tougenkyo.”

Genjo Sanzo is given the mission by the Sanbutsushin under the order of Kanzeon Bosatsu to travel west to discover what has made the youkai of Shangri La sudden furiousity and their loss of self conciousness. He is also ordered to take with him three demons that he has come to know over the past three years: Son Goku, Sha Gojyo, & Cho Hakkai.[3]

Sanzo questions why he is being sent on a quest with youkai, the very creatures he is trying to stop. It is because these three demons still possess a human soul. Leaving the Keiun Temple with Goku, they set out to find Gojyo and Hakkai. They find themselves attacked by a band of youkai and during the scrap; they run into the other two. After defeating the demons, Sanzo tells the three of them that they are going to the West.[4]

Saiyuki Chapter 000 02

"We're going to the West."

Meanwhile, in Houtou Castle at India, Yaone gave information to Kougaiji, Gyumaoh’s son, that there’s some movement in the east where the Sanzo party killed a band of youkai. Kougaiji tells that no one can stop and tell to his allies to have everything ready for tomorrow. He then proceeds to his mother’s pillar telling her that everything he does is for her own sake.[5]

“The west and the east each started to take matters into action. To the place where the sun rises, and where the sun sets.”

Jiroushin gave the report from the Sanbutsushin to Kanzeon Bosatsu that Sanzo and his companions are starting their journey. Everything started, 500 years ago…[6]

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