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Ren Ri is the crossdressing youkai who lives in a castle under the destert. He previously ate a Sanzo priest, because of a myth says that eating a higher ranking person like Sanzo will become immortal and un-aging as the rumors said. He suffered a slow death at the hands of a crazed Genjo Sanzo. He extended needle-like claws and attacked, nearly killing Sanzo.

Ren Ri also has a scripture somewhere in his castle that he wasn't interested in, it gets buried in the sand when his castle collapses.


  • Ren Ri's connection and abilities of that of a scorpion are based off the Scorpion Demon of Journey to the West. The Scorpion Demon learnt Taoist abilities from a Budhha she later poisoned after he brushed her aside. She later abducts Sanzang as well.
  • In the manga, it was mentioned that he was male, but in the anime there was no such indication; both his appearance and voice were feminine.

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