Rinlan is character from Saiyuki Reload Episode 4, Final Promise. She is the childhood friend of Ranpa.



Ranpa's painting for Rinlan, of their childhood

Rinlan was the childhood friend of Ranpa. She’s a pediatrician in the Village. She loves Ranpa’s paintings and cares for him much, despite that he’s the only youkai in the village. Rinlan asked Ranpa before to paint her as a gift for her next year’s birthday. Ranpa did stay on the village, secretly to fulfill his promise to Rinlan.

Later on, the Sanzo party brought Sanzo to the nearest doctor, Rinlan. Hakkai noticed the painting as the Sanzo party heard from her the story of her childhood friend, Ranpa.


Ranpa's finished painting of Rinlan

In the end, Ranpa died in front of Rinlan, leaving the finish painting of her. In the diary of Ranpa, Ranpa was thanking her because of her he was able to live his self.

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