Rinrei Gensoumaden 01

Rinrei is Homura's friend who he fell in love with. She appeared in Gensoumaden Saiyuki Episode 35 in Homura's flashback stating that it's forbidden to love her.


Homura first met her after he was released in prison. A girl bumped on her and asked for forgiveness. Homura asked her why she's saying sorry. She answered "That's because it's my fault." Then Homura asked if it's a crime, but it was nothing serious according to Rinrei. Since then, they became friends and she even promised that she will stay in his side. She wishes that she will be with Homura forever however, it's impossible for her to stay with him. Homura is forbidden to love and wasn't able to tell his feelings for her because Rinrei is a pure blood immortal while Homura is not.

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