Saiyuki Time Table 001

Saiyuki Chronological Table:

500 years ago: Son Goku was sealed in the rock prision.

24 years ago: Kouryuu's birth. He is abandoned in a river. Koumyou (35) saves him and takes Kouryuu in.

23 years ago: Cho Gono’s birth. His parents are human beings. He has a twin sister.
Sha Gojyo’s birth. His father is a demon while his mother an human being.

20 years ago: Koumyou Sanzo (39) meets Ken'yuu (17) at Zenou Temple.
Goudai Sanzo dies and Ken'yuu succeeds his master becoming Ukoku Sanzo Houshi and inherits the Muten.
Parents of Sha Gojyo (3) commit suicide for their love. Gojyo begins to live in his stepmother and brother Jien’s (9) house.
Parents of Cho Gonou (3) divorce. Gonou lives with his mother while his sister with the father.

19 years ago: Koumyou (40) has travel different place with Ukoku (18).
The Buddhist priests of the temple start to hate Kouryuu (6).

18 years ago: Koumyou (41) ends his journey and comes back to Kinzan temple.
The mother of Cho Gonou (5) abandons her child in an orphanage.

17 years ago: Ukoku (20) visits Kinzan temple where Koumyou lives.

15 years ago: Calling.

14 years ago: Ukoku takes a child with him and visits Kinzan temple again. The unnamed child meets Kouryuu.

12 years ago: Koumyou’s death (47). Kouryuu becomes Genjo Sanzo and the owner of Seiten and Maten scripture. He leaves the temple to search the Seiten sutra that was stolen.

11 years ago: Sha Gojyo's (12) stepmother tries to kill him.
She dies and Gojyo’s brother (18) abandons him.

8 years ago: Sanzo (16) comes to Keiun Temple. He meets the abbot there who dies soon after, making Sanzo officially the head of the temple.
Cho Gonou (15) leaves the orphanage and studies at college under a scholarship. There he meets his sister, Cho Kanan.
Sha Gojyo (15) meets Banri and they become partners.

6 years ago: Sanzo (18) meets Goku (13) by the rock prision. They begins to live together.
Cho Gonou (17) leaves the college and starts living with Kanan.

5 years ago: The sister of Cho Gonou (18) is kidnapped by Hyakugan Maoh.

4 years ago: Be There
Following an order of Sanbutsushin, Sanzo (20) goes looking for a murderer and takes Goku (15) with him.
Cho Gonou meets Sha Gojyo. Both of them are 19 years old.
Cho Gonou changes his name in Cho Hakkai and lives with Gojyo.

3 years ago: Suddenly Banri comes back and meets Gojyo again. Both of them are 21 years old.
For the first time, Goku eats by a hot pot dish.

1 year ago: Sanzo get Hakkai and Gojyo (both of them are 21 years old) to accept missions entrust to them by Sanbutsushin .

Now: Journey to the West

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