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Saiyuki Crossroaders is a novel written by Kazuya Minekura. The novel is currently consist of 2 chapters as of November 8, 2013.

Image Text: Life, Pride, Trust, Perseverance, Peace, Exaltation, Past, Tomorrow...

“So, what would you gamble?” -Saiyuki Crossroaders


Thank you for your support, this is Kazuya Minekura. I have been (allowed to write) writing short novels and screenplays for a long time, but, at work, this is my first time writing a long novel. So I'm still somewhat (getting used to it?) and am tensed by it. Originally, becoming frustrated with (becoming a) novelist or a screenplay writer, (I) took the path of manga..but now in this way (I have become able) to write a novel...Until, the main story in the manga is restarted, for a short while, if you (will) enjoy the Sanzo-ikkou moving in 'words', (I) would be happy. As this is a good opportunity, (I am) thinking of writing the stories that have not been in the manga. As an amateur, I will do my best with all my might....


---Kazuya Minekura's message from :Saiyuki Crossroaders: Message Illustration


The Sleepless Town Release Date : 2011/05/10

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Saiyuki Crossroads Cover 01

The Sanzo Ikkou went ahead on their journey and it happens that they passed by a town named Maakou which is very luxurious yet almost all the source of things to be spend about is too high in price. Upon seeing the town, they saw a dragon-shaped electric sign hung from a building that mimicked the palace of the highest rank in authority, the emperor. Seven letters, ‘WELCOME’, winked on and off, beckoning travelers in. Maakou Town is said to be a front for the secret town the Snake’s Head developed in order to sell and trade drugs and other black market goods. Aside from the rumor that Sanzo just said about the Maakou Town, he had a serious problem with his gun more likely because of its performance and disturbing sounds the last time he and his comrades had cleaned their mess up in the mountains on their way to the town.What their main reason from entering the town is due to Sanzo's gun. While eating in a very high class restaurant, a man named Ryojun approached them and greeted Sanzo with such pleasure. Sanzo just said that he wants his gun be repaired. Seems that he knows the danger of dealing with yakuza. Ryojun mentioned that 20 years ago, there was a sanzo priest who had passed by on the town, giving such an idea to the Sanzo Ikou that the black Sanzo priest might have been visited the town but much to Sanzo's surprise, Ryojun stated that Priest Koumyou Sanzo was the one who visited the town and got the biggest winnings that no one had ever done. Ryojun instructed someone to go to the room to place a map indicating the directions for the gunshop on the Sanzo Ikkou's table. Upon seeing the map, Sanzo went immediately along with Goku to the gun shop and handed it over to an old man who examined it. As soon as the oldman had made his speculations about his gun, he says he can repair it but once it is done, he said to Sanzo that he must leave the town as soon as possible. Sanzo simply said that it doesn't matter wherever he goes; it is just the same and proceed to went out. Upon reaching the inn, Gojyo teased Sanzo by asking him if he was molestated along the wasy and the monk just gave him a very sour look. Hakkai had mentioned that there was cash machine to withdraw money since the mode of payment is thru cash itself. Sanzo instructed Goku to look for the card in the bag pack and when he was not able to find it, they grew pale. How they are going to survive in Maakou town without the card?

The Sleepless Town Release Date : 2013/11/08

Cover | Page Art

Sai Crossroaders ch2 cover

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