Saiyuki: Hot Spring (最遊記 温泉)


The Sanzo party went to the hot spring to relax. Sanzo got drunk and started dancing.


(A bucket clacks to the floor)

Goku: Wow, this feels good!

Hakkai: (sighs) Yes it does. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to use hot water, too. Hot springs are good every once and a while.

Gojyo: Well, it’d be even better if there were a couple pretty young women with us.

Hakkai: Now, now, Gojyo. Don’t say that.

Goku: (splashing) Wahahahaha… Whoa, I can swim in here!

Gojyo: He’s energetic…… When you think hot springs, think monkeys*, huh?

Goku: (splashing) Hahaha! Crawl! Hahaha! Backstroke!

Gojyo: Hey, Mr. Owner! Your monkey’s running lose.

Sanzo: Who’s his owner?

Goku: Go! Go!

Gojyo: You, obviously.

Goku: Swim!

Sanzo: I have no recollection of becoming his owner.

Goku: (laughing) Go…!

Gojyo: If you’re not his owner then what are you?

Sanzo: (slowly enunciating) I’m Sannnnzoooooo……

Goku: Go! Go! Go!

Gojyo: Sanzo?

Hakkai: Ah! A bottle of saké… Two, four, six… (sigh) He’s emptied 11 bottles.

Sanzo: (drunk) I’m Sannnnzooooo……

Goku: This is fun! One more lap!

Gojyo: Huh, don’t tell me, is he drunk?

Goku: Backstroke! Faster, faster!

Hakkai: I think so, probably.

Sanzo: (quite drunk) Wonnnnder whyyyyyyy……

Goku: Nah, crawl is better!

Hakkai: (smilingly) W-why indeed… Perhaps because you’ve drunk a lot of liquor?

Gojyo: (laughs) Hey, Sanzo!

Sanzo: Come together, and turn…and, reverse. Watch the third level turn…

Hakkai: He’s completely taken with his desperate desire, isn’t he?

Sanzo: Step, step, step. Safe set completed.

Gojyo: (laughs) What good’ll getting carried away with desires do a monk? What a joke!

(Hakkai and Gojyo laughed)

Goku: Sanzo, look, look!

Sanzo: Gently…

Goku: Huh? Sanzo, that looks kinda fun!

Gojyo: … I wonder… can he come back to normal?

Sanzo: And, turn… And, reverse…

Hakkai: I don’t know…

Sanzo: Step, step, step.

Gojyo: Hey, Sanzo!

Sanzo: Watch the third level turn. Safe set completed.

Goku: (laughs) I wanna try too!

Hakkai: … It seems that he’s quite far gone…

Gojyo: Sanzo! … Honorable Priest Sanzo!!

Sanzo: Watch the third level turn.

Gojyo: … No good.

Goku: I don’t know what we’re doing, but this is kinda fun!

Hakkai: (laughs) Now, now, Gojyo. At times like these…

Sanzo: And, turn…

Goku: I can’t keep up!

Gojyo: Huh?

Hakkai: Here, (A bottle clinks) have a bottle.

Sanzo: Step, step, step…

Goku: Step, step! (laughs)

Gojyo: Ahh…

Hakkai: Come on. There are three bottles left, after all.

Sanzo: And, turn.

Goku: (laughs)

Gojyo: Well, letting just those two have a good time does get on my nerves.

Hakkai: Yes, yes. We are at a hot spring, after all. Every once in a while, this sort of thing is nice.

Sanzo: Step… step, step.

Goku: Step, step, step.

Gojyo: Really? Every once in a while, huh?

Goku: I got it! And turn!

Hakkai: I’ll lift the ban against smoking in the bath just this once.

Gojyo: All right! So, shall we go?

Sanzo: Watch the third level turn, and come together.

Hakkai: Yes, let’s.

Gojyo: Okay then,

Hakkai & Gojyo: Cheers! (They clink bottles and chug for a moment)

Sanzo: And, reverse.

Goku: I dunno why, but this is kinda fun!

Sanzo: Step.

Gojyo: Oh, what’s this? This is pretty good stuff!

Sanzo: Watch the third level turn.

Goku: (laughing) Watch the third level turn.

Hakkai: Yes it is…

Sanzo: Safe set completed.

Goku: Safe set completed!

Sanzo: And turn.

Goku: And turn!


Translation by KonnyakuHonyaki

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