This drama CD contains a story about the Sanzo ikkou ordering food at a yakiniku restaurant and free talk with the seiyuus.

English translation

[Sanzo]: Saiyuki Reload (exhales smoke) Special Drama CD
[Ikkou]: We Love Yakiniku

(door jingles open)
[Waiter]: Hi, welcome to Yakiniku Gyuumaru!
[Gojyo]: We’ve got four people.
[Waiter]: All right, four people. Take any seat you like in the back. (to the back) Four new customers, coming in!
[Gojyo]: (to the others) Looks like they’re still open.
[Hakkai]: We’re lucky a restaurant was open this late at night, aren’t we Goku?
[Goku]: Yakiniku! Yakiniku! ♪
[Sanzo]: Quit that; it’s embarrassing. You make it sound like we never eat properly.
[Gojyo]: But we ate standing up last night.
[Goku]: And we haven’t eaten anything yet today.
[Hakkai]: One is most likely to get fat if one eats a lot in the middle of the night... Sanzo, is here all right?
[Sanzo]: Doesn’t matter where we sit. It’s all no-smoking.
[Gojyo]: There’s a lot more no-smoking restaurants lately. Can’t they give us a break?
[Goku]: Can’t you use your status as highest ranking monk to do something about that?
[Sanzo]: ... Hmm, maybe I’ll bring that up with the Three Aspects later.
[Hakkai]: You’ve begun to get crafty, haven’t you, Goku.
[Waiter]: Excuse me. Here are your hot towels. There you go.
[Goku]: Ow, hot hot hot hot hot!
[Waiter]: Would you like any drinks to start with?
[Gojyo]: You wanna beer?
[Sanzo]: Yeah.
[Gojyo]: Two of those.
[Goku]: Coke!
[Hakkai]: I’d like iced oolong tea.
[Waiter]: Two draft beers, a coke and an iced oolong tea. With pleasure!
[Goku]: He made me happy,* haha!
[Hakkai]: I wonder where that phrase originated.
[Gojyo]: Probably some chain bar...
[Goku]: The first time I heard it, I thought I was being ordered to “Please, be happy!”
[Hakkai]: Ahahaha, I see.
[Sanzo]: I won’t be happy unless we order something.
[Gojyo]: So? What’re we ordering?
[Goku]: All right! I’m gonna eat!
[Hakkai]: This is Goku speaking, so shall we order three large combination plates to start with? After that we can order what we like.
[Sanzo]: Do what you want. It’s not my money.
(stomach growl)
[Goku]: Ah crap. I’m about to die I’m so hungry. Hey, Gojyo. Which bibimbap should I get ?
[Gojyo]: You gotta pick your own bibimbap.
[Waiter]: Thank you for waiting. Two draft beers and a coke, and here’s your oolong tea.
[Gojyo]: Thanks.
[Sanzo]: Nn.
[Hakkai]: Ah, thank you.
[Waiter]: Are you ready to order?
[Hakkai]: Yes. Let’s see, first, we’ll get three large deluxe combos.
[Waiter]: We have a choice of salt or sauce for those.
[Hakkai]: Then we’ll take one plate of salt, the rest sauce. I’d also like two plates of salted cabbage.
[Sanzo]: One plate each of Korean-style cold tofu and Kakuteki pickes.
[Gojyo]: Also some chanja kimchi and pickled sakura.
[Goku]: Um, I want a salmon oyako stone-cooked bibimbap!
[Hakkai]: Oh, and one order of fatty pork, salted.
[Sanzo]: Didn’t you say something about eating late at night making you fat?
[Hakkai]: Ingesting collagen is important for the skin.
[Gojyo]: You wanna order some kinda organ meat? Yamitsuki hormone (pork intestines) and tripe. Miso flavor.
[Goku]: Long sausage! And basil chicken!
[Sanzo]: Butter-roasted scallops and grilled shrimp with mayo.
[Hakkai]: And assorted vegetables. Shall we leave it at that?
[Goku]: Wait! One large bowl of rice!
[Gojyo]: What?! You already ordered bibimbap!
[Goku]: You need white rice when you eat meat!
[Gojyo]: You are not normal, sheesh.
[Hakkai]: As long as we make these unprecedented orders, we won’t be yakiniku regulars.
[Sanzo]: Add chopped green onion and mayonnaise to that.
[Goku]: C’mon, order some more; Sanzo’s treating!
[Gojyo]: Ah, uh... nah. Never mind.
[Waiter]: ... All right. Let me repeat your order. Are you ready?
[Ikkou]: Go ahead.
[Waiter]: (deep breath) Three large deluxe combos, one salt and the rest sauce; two plates salted cabbage; one Chinese-style cold tofu; one order Kakuteki pickles; one chanja kimchi; one pickled sakura; one salmon oyako stone-cooked bibimbap; one plate salt fatty pork; one miso yamitsuki hormone; one miso tripe; one long sausage; one basil chicken; one butter-roasted scallops; one grilled shrimp with mayo; one assorted vegetables; one large bowl of rice; and green onions and mayonnaise, will that be all? (pant pant pant)
[Ikkou]: Wow... (applauds)
[Gojyo]: We do this theme a lot.
[Hakkai]: Ah, the people who haven’t heard the previous CD won’t understand that.
[Goku]: Ah, I want another coke!
[Waiter]: With pleasure!

(Meat sizzling)
[Goku]: Gojyo! You’re putting too much hormone on the grill! It takes too long to cook, it’s in the way!
[Gojyo]: You’re the one dumping so much meat on the grill the fire’s dying down, idiot!
[Goku]: You’re the one who stole the meat I was carefully grilling! And don’t call me an idiot, idiot!
[Gojyo]: Whaddya mean, ‘carefully grilling’?! You’re the one who’s eating everything! If anyone’s gonna have a meat grudge, it should be me!
[Sanzo]: Shut up already and move your chopsticks. The table’s crowded.
[Hakkai]: I just noticed... Don’t we have a problem with the power balance? Perhaps Goku and Gojyo can’t fit all their meat on the grill because they’re using the same one?
[Goku]: Oh.
[Gojyo]: Ok then... Sanzo, switch seats.
[Sanzo]: I refuse. I couldn’t take it if my grill became as chaotic as yours.
[Gojyo]: ... You micro-manager**!
[Hakkai]: There’s philosophy even on the grill.
[Goku]: Talking about philosophy’s good an’ all, but your guys’ grill is really smoky...
[Sanzo]: ... Hakkai. Quit laying on the fatty pork.
[Gojyo]: He acts like a herbivore, but he’s actually really a carnivore.
[Hakkai]: How rude. The only meat I like unconditionally is pork.
[Goku]: Huh? But Hakkai, aren’t you a pig youkai...?
[Gojyo]: Attack!!
(bam! Dishes rattle)
[Goku]: Ow ow! What was that for, Gojyo?!
[Gojyo]: (whispering) ‘Cause you say stuff that’ll get us killed!
[Sanzo]: (under his breath) The kappa’s right for once.
[Hakkai]: Did you say something?
[Goku]: Waagh! Ha-Hakkai! There’s a pillar of fire comin’ outta your grill!
[Hakkai]: Oh my.
[Gojyo]: The meat’s burning. Take it off the grill already.
[Sanzo]: Didn’t I tell you not to put only pork on?
[Waiter]: Um, excuse me. We’re taking last orders now.
[Goku]: What?! Already?!
[Hakkai]: It is almost 3:00.
[Gojyo]: Let’s see, in that case... Add on one sesame green onion cold noodle bowl.
[Goku]: I want that too!
[Hakkai]: Then we’ll take two of those. What about you, Sanzo?
[Sanzo]: Deluxe chocolate mont blanc.
[Goku]: I want that too!
[Hakkai]: Then we’ll take two of those as well. And I’d like an additional plate of fatty pork.
[Goku]: I’ll pass on that.
[Hakkai]: Goku’s gotten cold recently.
[Gojyo]: Kids grow up looking at the backs of adults, yanno.
[Sanzo]: He’s been surprisingly cold from way before.
[Waiter]: So that’s two sesame green onion cold noodle bowls; two deluxe chocolate mont blancs; and one fatty pork. Will that be all?
[Goku]: Ah! Another coke!
[Waiter]: With pleasure!

[Gojyo]: (whispering) Hey...
[Hakkai]: (whispering) Yes?
[Gojyo]: (whispering) That couple sitting over there, they’ve been bothering me for a while.
[Hakkai]: (whispering) Ah... I was starting to get concerned as well.
[Goku]: Huh? Where? (stands) Hm? Hm?
[Sanzo]: (whispering) Don’t stand up and look, idiot.
[Gojyo]: (whispering) Whoa whoa whoa! The lady’s started crying!
[Goku]: Maybe we shouldn’t be so loud.
[Hakkai]: (whispering) That would be unnatural. It would probably make her feel worse if we suddenly quieted down.
[Sanzo]: (softly) The man is obviously a host.
[Gojyo]: (softly) You’re staring too hard, Sanzo.
[Ikkou]: (softly) Whoa!
[Goku]: (softly) The guy just got a cup of water tossed at him!
[Sanzo]: (softly) I’ve only seen that in dramas...
[Gojyo]: (softly) Its surprisingly painful when ice gets in your shirt.
[Hakkai]: (softly) We’ve got someone with experience here, Sanzo.
(door jingles open, then closed)
[Waiter]: Thank you very much! Please come again!
[Gojyo]: Nah, that girl’s not comin’ back.
[Hakkai]: There’s all sorts of dramas, eating in restaurants late at night.
[Gojyo]: Oh yeah, they say that the couple that goes to yakiniku is definitely in a physical relationship.
[Sanzo]: How should I know?
[Hakkai]: That’s not always the case. One manga-ka always discusses work with her editor-in-chief while eating yakiniku, apparently.
[Gojyo]: Hah. That’s a completely un-sexy story.
[Goku]: But y’know, isn’t 4 guys eating yakiniku in the middle of the night even more un-sexy?
[Gojyo]: ...Ah, ugh...
[Hakkai]: ... Aah...
[Sanzo]: ... Hm...
(sizzle, sizzle)
[Gojyo]: Hey monkey. How’re you gonna fix this atmosphere?
[Goku]: Sorry.
[Sanzo]: Don’t apologize.
[Waiter]: Thank you for waiting. Here are your sesame green onion cold noodles, your fatty pork, and your deluxe chocolate mont blancs.
[Hakkai]: But really, what will we do after this? I doubt we could get an inn this late at night.
[Gojyo]: I really don’t wanna set up camp in the middle of the night.
[Waiter]: Umm...
[Ikkou]: Huh?
[Waiter]: There’s a karaoke box across the street, if you’re okay with that.
[Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai]: ... Ah... uh.......
[Sanzo]: (exhales smoke) ... That’s not a bad idea.
[Goku]: (softly) There is is.
[Hakkai]: (softly) So after the meat is a mic, huh?
[Gojyo]: (softly) This’s Sanzo we’re talkin’ about here; he’s gonna keep goin’ all night for sure!
[Sanzo]: If you don’t like it you can camp out and I’ll go by myself.
[Goku]: Whaaaat?
[Gojyo]: Yeah, but, y’know...
[Sanzo]: Are you going or not? Make up your minds.
[Waiter]: If you’re going, we’ll give you a coupon.
[Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai]: With pleasure...

  • In this case, the waiter’s “yorokonde [よろこんで]” means “with pleasure”, but it can also be translated as the command to “be pleased”.
    ** Gojyo calls Sanzo a ‘nabe bugyou [なべぶぎょう]’, the person in charge of making sure everything is cooked properly.


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