Episode 02
Konzen Kenren Tenpou Goku Gaiden OVA 01
Series name Saiyuki Gaiden OVA
Manga equivalent Saiyuki Gaiden Vol.2 Chapter 22
Air date  ???
Directed by Kazuya Naoyuki
Screenplay by  ???
Story board by  ???
Episode 01
Episode 03

This is the summary of the second episode of Saiyuki Gaiden OVA.


In the beginning of the episode, Tenpou and Kenren invited Konzen and Goku to have a picnic under the cherry blossoms. While they were having a picnic, Kenren challenge Goku to climb the tree. The conversation later on goes about the cherry blossoms. Kenren mentioned that Cherry Blossoms in lower world are different from those of Heaven. Different in the way they bloom they fall. This made Konzen curious and wanted to see how they bloom in the lower world. Goku didn't understand what Kenren was trying to say, Konzen's words made Goku's heart tighten for a moment. And without realizing, Goku's branch where he standing broke and fell on Konzen's head.

Back to the present, at that time, Li Touten’s comrade assassinated the Heavenly Emperor. The blame fell on Konzen and the rest, and they were attacked by the ‘Natakus’, the failed man-made weapons that didn’t become ‘Prince Nataku.’ Kenren acted as bait, and let the other three escapes. Kenren struggled against the Natakus, but he was mortally wounded, and fell. The three managed to infiltrate into the lowest level of the Heavenly Palace. However, the Gate had been placed under heavy guard. There, Tenpou decided to draw the attack of the Gate guards himself in order to allow Konzen and Goku to go on ahead.

Meanwhile, Kenren found himself bloody and suffering from fatal wounds. Goujun, his superior, found him among the carnage having a smoke. He asked Kenren about these beasts and he more or less told Goujun that he and Tenpou had been suspecting something similar to what he saw before him from the start. Goujun told Kenren to surrender, and Kenren, never being one to let sleeping dogs lie, challenged Goujun instead, even in his state. He planned to go down fighting.

But it turns out that not all of the Natakus were dead. One was still alive. Kenren saved Goujun by pushing him down a shaft and told the beast that he felt pity for it and that it should eat him and make sure nothing of him was left. All the Nataku beast were suffering creatures. The crying beast killed Kenren as Goujun gave him a salute as a sign of his respect.

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