Episode 03
Goku Konzen Gaiden 001
Series name Saiyuki Gaiden OVA
Manga equivalent Saiyuki Gaiden Vol 03 Chapter 27-33
Air date  ???
Directed by Kazuya Naoyuki
Screenplay by  ???
Story board by  ???
Episode 02
Special OVA
This is the summary of the third episode of Saiyuki Gaiden OVA.


Tenpou was enjoying the battle, the numbers were too uneven and he suffered a fatal wound. He took care of all the guards, but in a duel with the remaining Sho’u, Tenpou too, as though chasing after Kenren, met his end.

Goku and Konzen reached the Dimension Gate. After surviving various hardships, they finally managed to open it. However, they came up against Li Touten’s resistance, and Konzen sent Goku through first. Konzen tried desperately to make it through as the Gate rapidly began to close, but only Goku got out on the other side. Konzen promised Goku, “Next time I’ll reach out my hands to you!” and disappeared into golden ashes that crushed in the Gate.

Time went by, and Heaven sought to restore order. The Heavenly Emperor had died, the Heavenly Palace was destroyed, the Thousand-Year Cherry Blossom petals had scattered.

Goku Sanzo Gaiden 001

Genjo Sanzo fulfilling the promise that his past life made.

The people and the army were all thrown into chaos. Amid all this, Kanzeon Bosatsu remained stolidly on the Lower World-side of the Dimension Gate, gently holding the despairing Goku, and sealed his memories away. All of his memories were erased except for his name ‘Goku’. The punishment imposed upon Goku was ‘500 years of loneliness.’ Deprived of his memories and shackled, Goku was sealed in a mountaintop stone prison, as countless seasons went by.

And when 500 years have passed, a shining figure appears before Goku’s eyes, and holds out a hand. Goku reaches a hand toward the light, Genjo Sanzo.

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