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Dead or Alive DVD
Saiyuki Musical II: Dead or Alive is the the second musical show of the series and sequel for Saiyuki Musical: Go West. It takes the story of Chin Yisou arc.


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Official CastEdit

Cast and Characters
Go001 Go002 Go003 Go004 Go005
Suzuki Hiroki as Genjo Sanzo Shina Taizoh as Son Goku Maruyama Atsushi as Sha Gojyo

Saine Ryuji as  Cho Hakkai

Onoida Ryunosuke as Kougaiji
Go006 Go007 Go008 Go009 Go010
Ueno Ryo as Dokugakuji Karahashi Mituru as Dr. Ni RYOHEI as Kanzeon Bosatsu Horiike Naotaka as Jiroushin Nakamura Ryusuke as Chin Yisou

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