Saiyuki Offroad 001
Saiyuki Offroad is a digression from the Saiyuki manga. Just like all the other manga of the saga, Minekura Kazuya and her assistants who did the art.[1]

There are two parts to the manga.  The first one (the Homura one shot) appeared on the early years of Saiyuki in G-Fantasy and has been inserted in some limited edition Volumes of Saiyuki Gaiden, while the second one was presented as a an official doujinshi when Ichijinsha joined the Comiket in 2005. The 2 parts have been joined together in a very special cover and was sold at the event. Later on the unnamed chapter resurface on some limited edition Saiyuki Reload volumes as extra.

Summary of Part 1Edit

During a nap when he is lying against a tree, Goku had a strange dream in which he meets a strange character called "master" and asks about his true nature.

Summary of Part 2Edit

Reviews the defeat of Homura that takes place in episode 51 of the anime, but this time Homura tells how it all began.[2][3]

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