Saiyuki Offroad 001
Saiyuki Offroad is a digression from the Saiyuki manga. Just like all the other manga of the saga, Minekura Kazuya and her assistants who did the art.[1]

There are two parts to the manga.  The first one (the Homura one shot) appeared on the early years of Saiyuki in G-Fantasy and has been inserted in some limited edition Volumes of Saiyuki Gaiden, while the second one was presented as a an official doujinshi when Ichijinsha joined the Comiket in 2005. The 2 parts have been joined together in a very special cover and was sold at the event. Later on the unnamed chapter resurface on some limited edition Saiyuki Reload volumes as extra.

Summary of Part 1

During a nap when he is lying against a tree, Goku had a strange dream in which he meets a strange character called "master" and asks about his true nature.

Summary of Part 2

Reviews the defeat of Homura that takes place in episode 51 of the anime, but this time Homura tells how it all began.[2][3]

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