Saiyuki Omnibus (最遊記OMNIBUS) is one of the saiyuki novels published by Ichijinsha in the summer of 2010 (7/23/10). The book contains five stories, the first being written by Minekura Kazuya herself.

Konzen 251

Chapters Summaries

Story 1: Shuu'u no Mori
(A sudden downpour in the forest)
Witten by Minekura Kazuya
Konzen 263

The Sanzo Ikkou get caught in the rain and seek shelter in a cave, but it seems that the cave it already occupied by a young youkai girl. After talking with her, they learn that she'd fled the nearby village that has a tradition of sacrificing a youkai woman every year to their rain god in hopes of a good harvest. She'd run away and been hiding in this cave for a long time. Eventually the Sanzo ikkou realize the girl is a spirit/ghost, the remains of her body hidden in the shadows in the back of the cave. When the rain lets up, and the Sanzo ikkou move to leave, Goku asks the girl to come with them. She is scared, but takes his hand. When she leaves the cave her spirit is released...

Story 2: In a Cage Tender
(In a Tender Prison) - Dedicated to Sha Gojyo
Written by: Umemura Takashi
Konzen 264 Under construction
Story 3: Shakunetsu no Katsubou
(Red-hot Craving) - Dedicated to Genjo Sanzo
Written by: Yamguchi Tohgo
Konzen 265 Under construction
Story 4: Mitsugetsu
(Honeymoon) - Dedicated to Cho Hakkai
Written by: Uozumi Yukiko
Konzen 266 Under construction
Story 5: Silver Snow
(Silver Snow) - Dedicated to Son Goku
Written by: Iri Satsuki
Konzen 267

The Sanzo party was intent to climb the snowy mountain when they met a group of men from the nearby village. They were looking for a girl named Mimei who run away from home. The men requested to the Sanzo party to convince her to come home if there’s a chance that they meet her. They also informed our heroes that the woods are surrounded of dangerous area, teeming with bandits and demons.

Afterwards, the Sanzo party heard a girl screaming and rushes until they witness a bloody scene near a frozen lake – a demon was killing a group of bandits and a girl on the site. Gojyo immediately pulled her out safety even though she’s try to resist.

Goku throws himself into the fray fighting the demon that possesses the ability to shoot sharp icicles as weapons. But as soon as the demon disappears into the lake, the ice starts to break down. Goku was about to fall but Sanzo grabs him by his coat. And the sharp pieces of ice scattered everywhere. Goku yelled at Sanzo to let him go but the monk didn’t let go of him and they both fall into the ice in a silvery light.

Goku regains consciousness to discover that he and Sanzo were not found in the icy water but in another dimension within the lake. There are snowy plains all around them and the snow seems to spring from the ground and headed for the top. Sanzo is severely wounded, bleeding extremely on his leg. Goku felt responsible for everything because Sanzo was wounded who is trying to save him but decided to stop him until after the guilt. For now, Goku must find a way to get out the place and give Sanzo a first aid. The two began walking to the cold snow.
Meanwhile, Gojyo and Hakkai speak to girl who they discover to be Mimei. They were aware of the fact that others do not know that she is the girlfriend of the demon, Hakuhou. She is not willing to return to the village because she wants to remain on the side of Hakuhou. The villagers have hired bandits to kill the demon since he has lost control due to the negative aura spreading. At that moment the men from the village arrived and were determined to bring back Mimei, but Gojyo and Hakkai were involved. They insist that the girl will lead them to Hakuhou to find Sanzo and Goku.
On the snowy plain, Sanzo and Goku continued to walk. Sanzo was becoming weakly because of his injury but does not receive any complain from him. Goku offered to take his arms and helped him to walk. At first, Sanzo doesn’t want it because there might a demon that will attack them and they might not able to defend themselves. But Goku simply that has his arms while Sanzo could use his banishing gun. Sanzo doesn’t have any choice at all as the two continued their way.
They come across a hut and, once inside, Goku lighting a fire. Sanzo is cold as an ice. Goku covers himself and the monk with a blanket and tries to heat Sanzo sitting right next to him. Goku is seriously concerned for his life. The fire is going out so Goku sifts the hut looking for something to burn when suddenly the door opens. A guy comes in, seriously wounded. Smelling blood Sanzo loses control, becoming partially into a demon. It turns out that this is the same demon of the lake.
Goku fights against him and is able to hold the torture. The demon is partly polished. She says his name Hakuhou and would like to leave a message to Mimei. He wants to tell her that he loves her no matter what and that no longer wants to see her.
Just then, Mimei, Gojyo and Hakkai made their appearance. Rather than to assist the performance of the battle, Mimei had come to found the truth - that her boyfriend is losing his ego with no possibility of returning to the past. The demon knew that this would happen, which is why he had caused the snow storm: to keep the girl away from him. Hakuhou dies and Mimei tries to commit suicide but Goku tells her that her boyfriend wanted her to continue to live. At the end, she is reunited with his father in the village and Sanzo group continues on his way.
The snow on the mountain is melting and spring is coming back, wrapping it all with its warmth. Sanzo and Goku looks at the sun rise and thinks it is the monk the source of light. Sanzo continues to walk while Goku laughs followed him, leaving the same footprints in the snow.

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