Cat Returns is the 4th Track on Saiyuki's Drama CD, Saiyuki Party.


Sanzo heard a cat's meow in Goku's stomach as he suspected something. There was a kitty that Goku was hiding as it was revealed what Sanzo's weakness, yes, he's allergic to cats. The story is a little bit similar in the 7th Episode of Saiyuki Reload, Little Partner.


[Sanzo]: Those guys are sure late. Where the hell did they go to get groceries?

[Goku]: Uhm, yeah!

[Goku's stomach]: Nyan~~ nyan~~

[Sanzo]: Oi, little monkey.

[Goku]: Ni-nya?

[Sanzo]: Just right now, coming from your stomach. I heard a voice crying "Nya nya".

[Goku]: Uh--- that was me! It was me! I said it! Just watch! "Nya nya!"

[Sanzo]: Oh? And why would you do that?

[Goku]: C-cat cough?

[Sanzo]: If that's your excuse then take off your clothes!

Sanzo takes off Goku's clothes

[Goku]: W-w-wait a second! St-st-stop! Wait! Nya nya nya!!!

[Hakkai]: We're back- (Hakkai & Gojyo misunderstood what they see Sanzo doing to Goku.) Please excuse us.

[Sanzo]: Hey! What are you doing?

[Gojyo]: Man, just what exactly have we interrupted, you tw- (Gojyo said but was cut of when Sanzo slaps him with the paper fan) That hurts! When the hell will you learn to take a joke?

[Sanzo]: It is not worth telling if it's someone like you.

[Hakkai]: Well then, what exactly is going on here?

[Kitten]: Nyan~

[Gojyo]: What? A kitten?

[Hakkai]: Why do you have that, Goku?

[Goku]: A little while ago, I found it out on the road.

[Sanzo]: And that's where it's going back too.

[Goku]: No way!

[Sanzo]: No way, is it?

[Goku]: No way! Because he was out in the rain crying "nya nya"! So I decided to take it with me!

[Gojyo]: Sneaking him in like that just makes you seem like you already want to be his owner.

[Goku]: Sanzo, at least let him stay until the rain stop. I mean, come on! Look how tiny and adorable it--


[Hakkai]: Sanzo? Uhhh!

[Gojyo]: Don't tell me... you're afraid of cats--

[Sanzo]: Wh-wha-what the hell of story are you spinning? (Hyperventilating)

[Hakkai]: He says that but he is given up his space hasn't he?

[Goku]: Is Sanzo... the type of person who run away from cats?

Sanzo is panting and trying to breathe.

[Gojyo]: He's scared isn't he?

[Hakkai]: He is, definitely!

[Goku]: Eh?! Of something tiny?

[Sanzo]: Keh! Who would be scared something like---

[Goku]: Here you are! (Goku places the kitten near Sanzo)

[Sanzo]: (Sanzo Yells, then) I told you to keep it the hell away from me!

[Goku]: (Laughing) Sanzo's hilarious!

[Kitten]: Nyan~

[Sanzo]: Stop messing around you shitty monkey!

[Goku]: C'mon! C'mon! Look at it!

[Hakkai]: Goku's become quite a little sadist, hasn't he?

[Gojyo]: He can be amazingly cruel sometimes, huh?

[Hakkai]: Oh, that's right. Mr. Cat probably hasn't eaten yet. Shall we see if there's something for him to eat in our groceries?

[Goku]: Yeah! Whacha got?

[Hakka]: Let see... hi-lites, beer, cola, myoga, kinugoshi tofu and...

[Gojyo]: None of that sounds good.

[Hakkai]: Ah, we have (Snack food)! This should do nicely shouldn't it?

[Goku]: Thank you! Here you go. Eat it! (Goku gives the kitten a snack)

[Kitten]: Nyan~ (Eating)

[Goku]: Wow! He's eating, he's eating!

[Hakkai]: And quickly too! It must have been very hungry, wasn't it?

[Kitten]: Nyan~

[Gojyo]: Goku? Why are you drooling like that?

[Goku]: Just watching it eat... is making me hungry as well.

[Hakkai]: Yes, yes. Then shall I make dinner for all of us? And... what are we going to do about that kitten?

[Sanzo]: It's satisfied already since it's been fed. Hurry up and toss it out!

[Gojyo]: When Sanzo's acting this funny, it should be okay to let it stay longer.

[Sanzo]: Don't mess around with me, you bastard!

[Hakkai]: This can all wait until later. Shall we have dinner?

[Sanzo]: Hey! When the Hell should it wait till?

[Goku]: Amazing Hakkai! Dinner's already ready?

[Hakkai]: Well, yes! Because it's only yudofu and hiyayakko.

[Goku]: Eh?! That's it?!

[Gojyo]: It can't be much else considering we've only got tofu.

[Sanzo]: We've got one Hell of a shining-white dinner table tonight, huh?

[Hakkai]: Consider the time that you sent us out to buy food? There weren't any grocery stores open this late. We didn't buy anything other than tofu, myoga and the snack.

[Sanzo]: In the case... the snack food and something mixed with it is fine.

[Goku]: Ah! This little guy has eaten all of it!

[Kitten]: Nyan~

[Sanzo]: Throw it out into the tsunami right now!

[Goku]: Ah-wa-wait a minute! L-look, Sanzo! This little guy says "Forgive me-Nya!" right now!

[Gojyo]: What does nya supposed to mean?

[Hakkai]: Gojyo, Gojyo. You're being strung along.

[Goku]: Shut up-nya, kappa!

[Goku]: Nyan the Hell?!


[Gojyo and Goku]: NYAAAAA!!!

[Hakkai]: Eh?

[Sanzo]: What, Hakkai?

[Hakkai]: During all of this commotion it seems someone has left, doesn't it? The kitten?

[Goku]: Eh?!! (Looking for the kitten) It's true...! He disappeared!

[Hakkai]: Staying here with all of us might have just been a little too much for it to take after all.

[Goku]: (Sad) I see, it headed back out.

[Gojyo]: Well, that's it! That kitten may eventually return some day, you know?

[Goku]: Return?

[Gojyo]: Yeah! It may just return to sneak pervertedly under the covers of some beautiful young woman's bed.

[Hakkai]: That kind of story will always apply much more to Gojyo, won't it?

[Goku]: That little guy... I wonder if he'll really be alright in this rain.

[Hakkai]: I'm sure it's fine!

[Sanzo]: Hey! Dinner remember? Let's hurry up and eat that yudofu and hyayakko. Hell even fried tofu will do.

[Goku]: Ah, that's right! We're obligated to have made tofu if we have everything else.

[Hakkai]: Well then, we can at least eat something together, right?

[Gojyo]: And that's... what choice are we making anyway?

[Sanzo]: Whichever choice is a good one.

[Kitten]: Nyan~ nyan~

[Hakkai]: Sanzo! At your feet! At your feet!

[Kitten]: Nyan~ Nyan~

[Goku]: It's you! You were hiding in Sanzo's robes all this time!

[Sanzo]: (YELLS like his dying)

[Hakaki]: Seems you're the chosen one for him, Sanzo.

[Gojyo]: Don't you feel so lucky, Sanzo-chan?

[Kitten]: Nyan nyan~

[Sanzo]: Don't come near me! Get off of me! Makaaaiii TEN--

[Hakkai]: Don't tell me you plan on using such an attack on one tiny little defenseless kitten?!

[Sanzo]: (Practically hysterical) Shit!!! (Marches down the hall yelling)

[Goku]: Ah! Sanzo ran away!

[Gojyo]: His strongest foe turned out to be a kitten, huh?

[Hakkai]: Kougaiji and his team don't even come close, do they?

[Gojyo and Goku]: That's right-nya?

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