Saiyuki Premium OVA
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Saiyuki Premium OVA Part 1
幻想魔伝 最遊記
Series author Kazuya Minekura
Animation Studio Tokyo Kids (Producers)
Number of episodes 2
Series run Apr 23 1999 - Aug 27, 1999


The story of Sanzo and his three companions in their quest to the west, to stop the resurrection of Gyuumaoh. On the way they are fighting youkai, getting into trouble and helping the townspeople.

Series Information

This 1999 OAV is the earliest adaptation of Saiyuki made by Tokyo Kids. DO NOT confuse it with Saiyuki TV and its sequels made by Pierrot or the new OAV released on 2007-04-27. Note that 3 out of 4 main casts are different, with the exception of Akira Ishida as Cho Hakkai remained the same in the TV series.


"Shangri-la" by Kikuchi Takashi


Takagi Wataru as Genjo Sanzo
Ishida Akira as Cho Hakkai
Yamadera Kouichi as Sha Gojyo
Okano Kousuke as Son Goku

Episode Guide

Episode # Episode Parts Summary Original airdate
01 Part 1 Summary 1 Apr 23 1999
02 Part 2 Summary 2 Aug 27 1999