Saiyuki Reload: Burial Arc
Saiyuki Reload Burial 003
最遊記 RELOAD: Burial
Directed by Koichi Ohata
Series author Kazuya Minekura
Animation Studio Studio Pierrot and Dentsu Inc
Sentai Filmworks (Licensed)
Number of episodes 3
Series run April 27, 2007 (Released)


Burial Arc takes place in the past it offers a view at the Saiyuki quartet before their formation and their journey to the west. It starts with Sanzo and his master, also with Ukoku. Next it shows first meeting of Goku and Sanzo. And lastly it considers the events after Hakkai's sins and his trial and his decision to live in Gojyo's house.



Late Show by GARDEN


Shiny Moon by Toshihiko Seki, Souichiro Hoshi & Hiroaki Hirata

Episode Guide

Episode # Title In Manga
1 Part 1: Ukoku's chapter
Part 2: Genjo Sanzo's chapter
Saiyuki Reload 0-0.3
2 Son Goku's chapter Saiyuki Chapter 17.1
Saiyuki Reload 0.4-0.5
3 Gojyo and Hakkai's chapter Saiyuki Reload 0.6-0.9


  • In the third episode of the OVA, Gojyo was featured taking out a couple of beer cans out of the fridge, the beer's brand is actually a real beer brand from Indonesia. The name of the brand is Bir Bintang. It was one of the oldest beer companies in the country, and was owned by the Heineken beer company (whose beer cans were also featured in the episode).



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