Saiyuki Reload Image Album vol. 1

最遊記RELOAD イメージアルバムVol.1

Released December 21, 2003

Track List

1. Comeback [Kohzu Hiroyuki]

2. Take wings [Ueno Koji]

3. Snow crystal [Nomiyama Masaki]

4. Remembrance [Kohzu Hiroyuki]

5. Wake up Heart! [Nomiyama Masaki]

6. Thoughtfulness [Kohzu Hiroyuki]

7. Ending [GARDEN]

8. Voice from the Ground [Kohzu Hiroyuki]

9. Hostility [Kohzu Hiroyuki]

10. With the Intention [Kohzu Hiroyuki, Guitar: Saito Mitsuhiro]

11. Quickening [Manabu Enuma]

12. With you [Jushi-ca]

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