Saiyuki reload image album 2

Saiyuki RELOAD Image Album vol. 2

最遊記RELOAD イメージアルバムVol.2

Released May 13, 2004

Track List

1. Beat (Performed by: Manabu Enuma)

2. For me (Performed by: Nomiyama Masaki)

3. Beyond the riot (Performed by: LaLa)

4. Leave (Performed by: Ueno Koji)

5. Vivid Living (Performed by: Kohzu Hiroyuki)

6. Invisible Future (Performed by: Kohzu Hiroyuki)

7. True flower (Performed by: GARDEN)

8. Stream (Performed by: Nomiyama Masaki)

9. Spiral (Performed by: Saito Mitsuhiro )

10. Fellow Feeling (Performed by: Kohzu Hiroyuki)

11. In the world (Performed by: Kotani Nobuko)

12. Stroll (Performed by: Kohzu Hiroyuki)

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